All shopped out …

Today was a very productive day in some ways – I had my hair cut over at my old neighbourhood, so it’s exciting that I can actually see again from behind my fringe! Then I made the effort to finally get my eyes tested, which was really worthwhile – I had PRK laser surgery on both eyes ab0ut 10 years ago (wouldn’t recommend it to anyone in many ways, but now it’s out-dated technology anyway), and it seems my shortsightedness is returning … I’ve been having difficulty seeing for night driving, and with my ‘odd’ shifts, this has probably been causing me some stress, and I wonder if it’s been contributing to all those headaches I have been plagued with before Christmas. Anyway, my ‘script is pretty mild – I think only .5 in my left eye, and .75 in my right, and I don’t have to have glasses, but boy oh boy what a difference it made to reading the charts back … so that 4 hours overtime I did yesterday will likely go towards buying some glasses for driving/long distance.

Then Mum and I spent three hours combing the streets and shopping malls of Melbourne for electric fans! You’d think we’d been trying to find gold bullion!!! With this intense heatwave, all the shops have sold out, literally, not even an empty box anywhere to be had! We finally took a punt, and went to The Warehouse (which is huge in NZ, but not so well-known in Australia) at Moorabbin, and found a huge display area for fans … with only about 6 small ones left for sale, and about the same number of stand-up ones … as Steve Irwin would say – “Crikey!!”. There actually weren’t any left on display when we first walked in, but we saw a staff member carrying one and asked if it was already taken … I could have screamed with delight when he answered no! Then as we were walking back to the till we noticed he’d brought another 1/2 dozen out, so we snapped another one up too. So, we’re totally over the whole shopping experience today – but very VERY happy that we managed to get not one but two desktop fans, one for each bedroom.

The heat has been so bad there have been bush fires here in Victoria, not too far away, with 1500 fire fighters apparently on duty fighting fires last night. And with temperatures set to soar again by the end of this week, the worst may not be over yet … yikes! I’d better hurry up and get some stitching done tonight while I can!!

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  1. Hi Anne, really feeling for you guys over there at the mo’, its been hot here in NZ, but not to the extreme you’ve been having. Fortunately its a much cooler day here today, even with some slight drizzle. Enjoy those fans, a girl’s gotta keep her cool when she’s stitching, lol.

  2. Glad you found a couple of fans Anne! We have heatwaves like that in the summer and by August all the fans have been bought.
    Hope the next wave isn’t as bad 🙂

  3. Glad you got your fans, Anne! I hate being so hot that I can’t sleep, so I really feel for you at the moment. Hope you get some better nights now and that you’re much more comfortable 🙂

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