My carrot’s too big!

OK, a bit of a strange title – but my buttons arrived today that I needed to finish off my Stars and Brightly Shining Christmas piece … and it’s too big! B*gger!! The one I ordered from SB&B months ago was obviously a different brand than the one I ordered from NZ (which was too small – so I ordered a ‘large’ one) – so I’ll have to place a very small order for one whole ‘medium’ carrot nose 😉

I just received two very lovely gifts of money for Christmas from close family friends in NZ, and from my parents – NZ$100 and AU$100 respectively – and I’m thinking of the lovely things I can buy myself … especially stitching stash 😉 Mum wasn’t too impressed with that, saying I need a new iron and some new underwear – which is quite true – but they seem so ‘practical’ and not a treat at all. I have to admit I really don’t need any new charts for a while now, but I wouldn’t mind using it for some threads I’m going to be needing for some of that latest stash haul. Threads here in Aussie are exceptionally expensive, so I’ve decided to save up each year and have a USA splurge with SB&B for threads – things like Weeks Dye Works and GAST, for example, we pay pretty much double what the US price is … just crazy! Seeing as I’m on a tough budget now I’m on my own, I figure if I put $5 to one side each week, I could have a decent blow-out every now and then on things I need for specific projects. I feel pretty positive about things at the moment, so 2006 won’t be seeing me doing any ‘comfort spending’ that I can’t afford! LOL.

I also received a CD from my best friend in NZ, but I’m being very very good, and it’s going straight under the tree until Christmas Day … even though the curiosity is killing me!

Tonight will be spent writing the final Christmas cards for work colleagues, so the Dratteds may not get any stitching done on them … but the great news is that my gift beast … um, sorry … gift PIECE is on its way to its recipient – fingers crossed it won’t get lost in the Christmas rush, as that would be the final icing on the cake!! Mum saw it before it was made up and stuffed, and she reckons it’s so beautiful that I need to stitch one for myself 🙂 I have to admit, it looks lovely in person, even if it’s not my best ever stitching effort – and I might be tempted to stitch it again … one day in the far distant future LOL.

Ooh, before I forget … this week’s SBQ:

Image hosted by Photobucket.comToday’s SBQ isn’t about stitching: It is about blogging and was suggested by AngelSan:

Take a minute to reflect on your blog reading habits and preferences. What do you prefer to read in stitching blogs? (Progress, tips, family life, experiences, etc.) How much do you think you are influenced by other stitching bloggers?

As far as preferences go – I love everything, as long as there is a fair amount of stitching chat in it. I especially love to see WIP and happy dance piccies, as well as tips and links to things of interest. I also enjoy reading about life in general, triumphs and tribulations etc – it’s all what makes each of us who we are 🙂 As far as influences go – I’m not at all influenced by other blogs … except when I saw Summer into Autumn on Karen’s blog and had to buy it … and the Sweetheart Tree banner on Jenna’s blog and had to track it down … and … and … OK, so I have to admit it – I am HUGELY influenced by other blogs 😉 I have bought more stash this last year that is directly related to blog surfing than I have in the last 3 years in total.

To me blogging has opened many doors in many different ways – I have been influenced to try new designers, new finishing techniques, and join other associated groups. It’s also opened doors to new friendships, and given me personal comfort and camaraderie at a time when I needed it recently. It’s allowed me to open my heart again to new ideas and new friends, and helped me to regain a passion for what I do – to all the friends and visitors here, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! 🙂

10 thoughts on “My carrot’s too big!”

  1. Hi Anne, bad luck about the carrot! How frustrating for you.

    Just for a moment there I thought you might have started Bunnies in my garden! I’m still tossing up about doing an order with SB&B for the Olde Willow Threads for that piece or doing a substitution. (You know I’m obsessing when I see “Bunnies” in perfectly innocent blog articles).

    Have a nice Christmas if I don’t get to comment before the big day.

  2. Are you talking about Samsarah’s design “the stars are brightly shining” fom JCS 2005? I have stitched it lately (it’s my latest post) but couldn’t find a nose, so I stiched it instead. Well, you could try to frog a few stitches instead of ordering another one? Although I admit it changes the design a little bit…
    I love your blog (discovered you from Flosslady’s stitching blog). It’s beautiful and friendly! I really enjoy your Xmas dress too!
    Can’t believe you manage to stitch those beautiful dolphins! It must be very difficult!
    Take care!

  3. Well, now you will be able to afford that one medium carrot!! lol. I hate it when mom’s are practical and right – I wish they would stop doing that! At least spend a little bit on something fun!!

  4. You know, you *could* justify an iron as a stash-related purchase….you have to be able to press all those finished pieces, right??? LOL

    Yes, blogging (and bulletin boards!) have been quite dangerous for my wallet as well…ah well. We only live once!

  5. Anne, have you tried making your own little carrot noses from Fimo or Sculpy Clay? They’re very easy to do!

    I enjoy reading blogs for the same reasons that you do. I love the slices of life that I read about. I enjoy the enabling, lol, and I too have made many cyberfriends as a result. I don’t personally know anyone who stitches and when I happen to mention my stitching at work to friends or elsewhere, I can see their eyes glazing over. It’s wonderful to be able to share a passion with my online friends!

    Carol in Pa.

  6. Oh the dilemmas we stitchers face!! Do we spend our extra $$ on stash or be practical with it? Well, maybe you can do a little of both 🙂 And as Erin said, a good iron is very valuable in finishing our stitching projects. Sounds like you have a good plan for saving up to buy stash every now and then.

  7. Ann, your poor carrot!!!!

    I have to say when I’m given money for a gift the last thing I’m going to spend it on is something practical! If your Mum wanted you to get an iron or some under things she should of bought them for you! LOL

  8. Bummer about the carrot. The trials and tribulations we stitchers must face! I’m still working on Christmas cards too – hopefully I’ll get them finished before Christmas!

  9. I must say…that’s one of the strangest captions I have ever had the pleasure of reading…ROFL!
    I am sorry to hear of your carrot situation…LOL!

    Sending you Happy Holiday wishes 🙂

  10. Bummer about the carrots, Anne! Such lovely pressies of money for Christmas, too! Your mom is right, you should spend it wisely. Your idea of setting $5 a week aside for stash indulgence is a really good idea. That way you can get what you want without killing your budget or credit cards. 🙂 I’d be happy to help get you your threads whenever you need them. *hug*

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