“They’re Baaaaack!!”

Nope, it’s not another episode of Poltergeist … but yup, those Dratted Dolphins are back again – managed to get 5 hours stitched into them so far, with beautiful turquoise yay 🙂 The only improvement you’ll see is the big turquoise blob on the bottom right of the picture 😉 At the end of this rotation (5 hours left to go) I should be able to roll up the scroll bars and work on the bottom half … I can’t wait!! Lana, there is my answer for you … nope, they’re still not finished – but one heck of a lot closer than they were a few months ago when I first started blogging! Boy, oh boy, a rotation really works!!!

Thanks everyone for your kind comments about my Christmas tree outfit – it was originally made for a Christmas party at work in Auckland for my old job … a group of us ladies dressed up in Christmas outfits, and that was mine. Then I wore it for a Christmas walk for charity – and managed to win a watch for my troubles! Ever since then I’ve worn it for a laugh every now and then at work … as you say, it really does do wonders for morale. Last year, though, because I had a carpark loaned to me for the day in our office building, I forgot to take a change of clothes (don’t ask how I got into the car!!) … and also forgot to take any lunch, plus needed to buy some flowers for someone – I had to stroll out in the middle of the day down the middle of Camberwell to the markets, much to the delight of kids in the street as well as a few adults … I didn’t know where to look! haha. This year I’ll wear it on my final working day before Christmas, this Friday (23rd).

Anyway, I’d better sign off, as it’s time for my hot chocolate (Milo) before bedtime … yup, it’s 7.10pm LOL. Fraze was wanting to come and stay tomorrow night, but we decided it wasn’t a great idea as he finishes work at 6.30pm, and I need to be getting into bed at 7.30pm – doesn’t give us much time to catch up … it’s been nice seeing him again more regularly after not seeing him for months – his company has been missed 🙂

I’m almost caught on everyones blogs now too – just a few more to go. It’s been nice catching up on what you’ve all been doing while my back was turned :)) And thanks to the ‘new’ guys commenting on my blog … I’ll be popping over shortly to check out your blogs too :))

8 thoughts on ““They’re Baaaaack!!””

  1. Love the Dolphins! They are really starting to come together! Keep it up! You’re inspiring me! I am tempted to get an early start on mine, as I have set Jan 1st as a start date for many of my 2006 to do goals. (Well, about 4 of them anyway.) Happy stitching!

  2. The Dratted’s look lovely – I am sure you enjoy the blue… your fave color right?

    I am so, so, so happy you joined the Mirabilia SAL! Don’t forget to pop over to the Yahoo group and sign up – you will love seeing who all is already there – we are going to have FUN!!!

  3. You go, girl!!! This is one of the most beautiful dolphin charts around. I’ve seen it finished, and it’s worth all the trouble. I know your is going to make me wanna do it too! Those dratteds are really taking shape now.

  4. I like it, it’s very realistic. It looks like you’ve already done a lot of work on it and even a few hours helps!

  5. You really got me laughing at your escapades around town in your Christmas suit!! Love it!!
    Great work on those dolphins – keep it up 🙂

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