South Park Annie!

I had to follow suit, and have a play on the South Park Studio site, after seeing Jenna’s South Park character – have to say, Jenna, very very cute! So here’s my “me too” effort … it really was way too much fun on that site! Kept me amused for a short while when I got home from work LOL.

And yes, you’re right, Jenna – that is the pansy needle keeper from Mill Hill … and I have to say your photo album is divine! In fact, I’ve also fallen in love with your needleroll from the Classic Stitches site and just HAD to go and download it myself 🙂 What a great enabler you are … and the needleroll didn’t cost anything, so my credit card company loves you too haha. Anyway, I’ve managed to get a fair bit of the pansy done tonight, but it’s time to hit the hay – I don’t start work until 1pm tomorrow, so with any luck I can get some more stitching done before I hit the road, and if not, I’ve then got two days off so I should be able to finish it totally then. 🙂

And my new-look blog is soon to be unveiled … woohoo. It’s taken a few ‘re-writes’ but the latest version combines the three requisites … (you’ll never guess two of them LOL) … 1) a touch of Kiwi to remind me of home; 2) ducks (!); 3) blue (!!). Anyway, I’ve just asked if the comments section can be made one tiny shade lighter to make the text easier to read, then hopefully it can get the final tick of approval and I’ll have the new look unveiled next week yippee 🙂

11 thoughts on “South Park Annie!”

  1. Wow, you are moving along with the pansy. You’ll be done this weekend! Looks like you did better with it than I, as I ran into problems with the irregularities in bead sizes starting to crowd the rows, so I had to get a little bit creative with it… Seeing yours makes me want to start on the one I bought for myself (Daylily), but I can’t take on a new start right now!

    Oh, if you like the colors in which I stitched that needleroll, I have enough threads leftover to do it again. If you want them, I’ll pop them into an envelope and send ’em over. I haven’t managed to find any other use for them, so you’re more than welcome to have them.

    Can’t wait to see your new blog look! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. P.S. Thanks for the compliments on my photo album. I’ve put a lot of load time into it. Imagine my distress when it broke too last weekend!

  3. Hey you’re wearing my hubby’s shirt!! (well your SP figure is wearing the same shirt as Pete’s SP figure!). Love, love, love the pansy and can’t wait to see your new blog template. Your requests sound great.

  4. Wow, I love the Mill Hill pansy. This is going on my Christmas wish list! The new look of your blog is beautiful. Great choices!

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