Great stitching week so far…

The title of the post is perhaps a bit facetious (sp?) and very much tongue-in-cheek! I had huge plans for getting loads of stitching done this week, seeing as I’m on early shifts … but, alas, Image hosted by Photobucket.comit’s not to be … this piccie is the sum total of last night’s stitching efforts, of 1 whole hour! haha. While not stitching, though, I did something else equably as enjoyable as stitching … if not even better! I caught up with my first ‘real’ blogger, Sharon, on the phone. Sharon had given me her number weeks ago, but I didn’t want to phone until I felt a bit brighter within myself health and morale-wise … and with her impending operation yesterday I felt a “need” to phone – and I have to admit that usually I don’t enjoy spending hours on the phone chatting after being on the phones all day at work, but this phone call was a sheer joy! In fact 3 hours of sheer joy LOLOL. It was really lovely to chat to a fellow stitcher real-time … thanks Sharon 🙂 As I’ve said before, blogging really is amazing – what amazing doors it has opened up … I’ve found some real friends here {{hugs}} to you all.

Rightio, now I’m off to put another hour’s stitching into place – with any luck tonight my body will finally work out that when I go to bed at 7-8pm, it’s not my intention to just nap for 2 hours, it really IS bedtime! LOL … I think I might have to help it along with a glass of Shiraz (might not help the stitching, though) – followed by a hot milky Milo just before I hit the hay … only one more 5am start, yippee – it will be a pleasure to change the alarm from 3.45am to 8am instead 🙂

6 thoughts on “Great stitching week so far…”

  1. Yeah a good shiraz will hit the spot and then a milky milo should really send you to sleep.

    Here in Manila we get up at 6.10am and that is bad enough. I really do not envy you getting up at 3.45.

    Happy stitching

  2. Hi Anne, thank you so much for your kind offer of the Mira charts. I don’t want them unless you are absolutely certain you won’t stitch them!!! I do only have Winter, though. YOu are a sweetie!! Sounds like you had fun chatting with Sharon, now how cool is that??? 🙂

  3. blogging IS a great way to meet other stitchers….but I keep seeing more stuff I want!! LOL How neat that you got to chat “IRL” with another blogger…

  4. Glad that this 3:45 a.m. stuff is short term only! Years ago when I was a working girl, I had to get up at 5:30 a.m. every weekday to drive through the traffic and arrive at 8! Was I ever happy to give that up, lol!

    I find that a glass of wine doesn’t enable my stitching at all 😦 I get too relaxed I guess and make too many mistakes.

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