2nd small Happy Dance

Well, I decided not to bother finishing my 3rd tiny UFO with the re-beading – and thought I’d save it until my next UFO section on my rotation as a treat to get something finished early again. Instead I put my old “Nature’s Rest” in the Q-snaps, and I’m in the process of stitching my 10 hours into it before I move back to the Dolphins again. I figure I really do need to get this old UFO done before I do much else, as a lot of the threads that I used have since had colour changes – and without knowing, all those years ago, I was merrily using the same skeins for other projects, meaning I only have a little bit left of some of them … I think I’m safer getting this old thing done and finished, so I can then move on to something else. So
that project is now officially taking residence in the UFO spot until it’s finished … at least I still have my ‘smalls’ and ‘free choice’ rotation spots to give me a break from all these big and boring projects 🙂

Anyway, here’s my other small happy dance reason – I finally put the last stitches into my folded ribbon rose class from some time in 2001 … the roses have gotten squished quite a bit during their time in storage/relocating to Aussie, but they’re passable – not a craft project I’m in a real hurry to repeat, but it’s nice to get it out of the UFO folder once and for all! I’m not entirely sure what to do with it now it’s finished, though – maybe just turn it into a pincushion … dunno, really … any suggestions would be greatly welcomed!Von, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog – do you have a blog yourself? I tried looking, and couldn’t find one … I’d love to return the favour 🙂

Thanks everyone as always for your welcomed comments – they really are appreciated and help to keep my spirits up when I’m a bit flat 🙂 You guys rock!

3 thoughts on “2nd small Happy Dance”

  1. Anne – Very interesting project (the roses) – I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before. How large is the finished project?

    Are you feeling better today? Hope so – you’ve had a rough time with those migraines lately! Take care…

  2. Anne, glad you finally found my blog. I made the appropriate changes in my settings so that it’s not so difficult to find anymore!

  3. Anne, this is great. I can appreciate this one, cause I am hopeless at folded ribbon roses! Maybe you could make it into a small cushion to put in with your X stitch ones..or is it too big?

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