Thanks everyone…

…for so many kind words about my canvaswork piece – really really appreciated :-)))

As for any stitching updates … there really aren’t any, which is unusual for me – haven’t put a single stitch into anything for a few days (since Dena was completed, actually). Really need to get moving, but just haven’t had the motivation – have been going for a walk before work instead (which isn’t a bad thing, considering how much weight I need to lose LOL). This week’s shifts have mucked me around a little bit physically … after doing my 6pm-2am and 9pm-5am shifts last week, it took me all weekend to get over it – and this week I’m doing 7 days straight, with 3 different shift times (2 of 3pm-11pm, 2 of 12noon-8pm, then 3 of 9am-5pm) – hard to get into a routine … but then due to a last minute bout of relieving for me, I get another week on the hotline covering someone on leave, which means I get an entire 5 days off next week … yippee!!! Will be nice to have some time off for a change, and have a full day or 3 of stitching. Was going to go home to NZ for a quick visit, but the flights are looking pretty full, and it’s not worth taking the risk trying to get there – will hold off until the next days off, I think (sorry Mum!).

Well, today was my interview day – I felt it went pretty well, but there are certainly no guarantees, and the competition is the toughest there has ever been, in my eyes … it’d be nice to get the job, so I’m on a permanent roster and not having everything changed on me every month when I’m asked to do relieving – makes it so hard to plan anything in advance! But if I don’t get it, at least I can say the person who does get it is of a fine calibre and deserves it 🙂 Anyway, hopefully we’ll all be put out of our miseries by Friday this week – otherwise I’ll be glued to the phone on Monday, as it’s my first day off of five … I think it had been getting to me a bit, and I was feeling anxious about it all deep down, as I felt a huge weight had been lifted off me after the interview …

On a happy note I am overjoyed to announce that my 2004 JCS ornament issue FINALLY arrived at my PO Box today – can’t believe it … I had literally just given up hope of ever receiving it, and placed an order for one online, and the little slip arrived saying “you have mail” … yippee! And I LOVE loads of the designs, even more than the 2005 one, I think … yet more and more to drool over for a few days – and I still haven’t finished drooling over the last lot!

Rightio, off to bed early tonight – I might have to put a couple of stitches into something before I go to bed, though – I feel a bad not doing any stitching at all … maybe I’ll just finish the Wisper beard on my no humbugs allowed ornament … that should just about take me no longer than an hour to finish – right, get off the computer Anne, and get moving with that needle!!! ;-P

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  1. Your work roster sounds like some of Ken’s bus driving shifts, especially the so-called split shifts. First half goes from 6.30 am to 10.30 am, and the second half from 4.30 to 8.30 pm (something like that anyway). Makes for a VERY long day and a very tired husband… fortunately he hasn’t done a split shift since he was ill four years ago – the doctor forbade him; said it would knock him out working such a long day.

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