Happy Dancing time

Yup, Dena has finally been promoted to the finished pile … it might be a long time before it turns into an actual cushion, but I’m happy to announce all the stitching is finished. One more off the UFO list for the year – yippee!!

Not sure what is going to take its place yet – I’ve given up on my previous rotation of having a week to stitch each piece … I think instead I’d prefer to do what a lot of other stitchers do, and have a daily rotation over the week. I already have two days set aside, so it’ll be easy to plan the other days as well … might have to look at it tomorrow, when I work out what I’m going to spend my time stitching.

12 thoughts on “Happy Dancing time”

  1. Yippee!!! It’s wonderful!
    Thanks for giving my name to Design-A-Blog, I was wondering who had given me a point 🙂 Can’t wait to see your new look!

  2. Gosh there’s a lot of work in that, Anne – far too much to turn into a cushion that someone might sit on – :-O !
    Why not have it framed and put on a wall where it can be admired for years to come?

  3. Nice Nice Nice. Thanks for sharing your happy dance with us. My canvas piece is limping along. I just don’t like working on it. I feel more like stitching “fall” stuff right now & found a cute Bent Creek Black Cat pattern — a quick, simple, cutie pie. Maybe I’ll get to it this week. I can ‘ignore housework’ too — but not for long.

  4. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for all the sweet words on AoL today – your color sounds wonderful, but you might want to adhere to the 28 ct recommendation – her skirt is fully beaded and might get cramped up on 32 ct…. unless you can find matching petite beads??

    Also, thanks for the sweet words re: my DH. Sadly, he had terrible lung issues due to heavy smoking and won’t go to the doc. I have to hold on to him for whatever short time I still have him – that is why I am so sad 😦 I appreciate your support!

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