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What is a Huswif/Hussif?

As I commented on Nicole’s blog, I have a huswif (my first attempt) which has been sitting as a UFO ever since I finished the class … it is oh-so-close to being finished, and it really is a lovely piece that I’m relatively proud of. I mentioned earlier when discussing my change of blog name, that feather stitching isn’t my ‘forte’ … well, that’s why this UFO became a UFO. I’m sure when I get back into the swing of it, and force myself to pick it back up again, it’ll be fine – I did a reasonably good job of the initial feather stitching, but for some reason I’m a bit nervous of doing it round the outside edges, to hold everything together. Bit daft, really … I think 2006 is the year where this thing finally gets finished and used!! (but don’t hold me to that hahaha). So, here’s the piccie of my UFO huswife to date:

This one is designed by Monica Hunt, and the instructions were printed in the publication called Anne’s Glory Box, Book Nine. A photo of the completed piece in the book is here. As you can see from the example, I’m more into the bright colours, so I chose pretty different fabrics and Monica said it’s the first time she’d seen one stitched on black and that it might be a bit difficult … oh well, always one to accept a challenge haha.

Nicole, there are loads of styles of huswifs – the only thing I can think of that is common is that there are basically different pockets on the inside of them to hold a stitcher’s tools of trade, and they all seem to roll up for storage etc. I’ve just ordered the Flame Stitch huswif by Sampler Cove (haven’t tried that sort of stitching before, so I thought it would be fun to try something different), and another one called Strawberries So Faire by With My Needle that I’m really keen to try too – another Yahoo group I belong to is thinking of maybe having a SAL for Strawberries So Faire, so it would be a good time to stitch it, I think 🙂

No current stitching updates to post – I’ve finished the last big border on my canvaswork Dena, and just in the middle of finishing the final satin stitch border in the Rainbow Gallery Patina thread (aaaaarghhhhh, is all I have to say about that thread!!!) – then it’s just a case of adding the beads in the corners, and I’ll be happy dancing yippee. I figure there’s no point posting a piccie until it’s finished, seeing as it’s now so close. Didn’t get much done yesterday, other than having a kip in the afternoon – swapped with someone at work and did the “doggo” shift (9pm-5am), so didn’t get to bed until almost 7am this morning. It was amazing driving home – now we’re heading into summer, the days are getting longer, and it was like driving home at about 8am … it shocked me a bit when I was leaving work, as it was so light outside. I almost went for a walk on the beach when I got home, but thought better of it, as it was only 5.40am – even though it was light, I figured it was probably not the safest thing for a single female to be doing! Today I’m just popping out to do some errands – then going into work early, as there is a ‘parcel’ waiting for me my PO Box … fingers crossed it’s the JCS 2004 ornie issue I’ve been expecting from my Ebay trader – that would be just wonderful! Tonight I’m back to my final 6pm-2am shift, then I have the weekend off … yippee :-)))

4 thoughts on “What is a Huswif/Hussif?”

  1. Now you have a good weekend 🙂 I am working tomorrow – Saturday tends be a little wild – everyone wants THE book for the weekend… Perhaps before it gets too ‘Christmas silly’ we should try and all get together… What do you think??? I know G will be in it…

  2. I’ve never stitched a Huswif but since joining the stitchingmalls group I must say it intrigues me. Might have to be one of my projects for 2006!

  3. Woot! Very nice indeed. I’ve never made one — the finishing looked like it was done by machine (which I do not own). I like your colour choices.

    Since one of my gal pals started doing finishing on the side, I might re-consider this!

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