UFO Progress

Pretty impressed with the amount of stitching I got done today – compliments of only getting about 5 hours sleep last night (thanks for the early morning start, bin-men!). I’ve been pretty hazy-eyed all day, so didn’t have the energy to do much … just sitting around and stitching. Unfortunately it doesn’t bode well for my 6pm-2am shift tonight – if nothing else, I’ll be well and truly ready for bed when I get home! Managed to listen to about 1/2 of a talking book today, which means I’m almost at the end of it (You Belong To Me by Mary Higgins Clark – not a bad read, a crime book, which I enjoy, and pretty easy listening). I might even get this old UFO finished next week! This is the last band to stitch, and not much left to go at all. Would be tempted to take it to work to finish, but I think I’ll take that dratted Xmas ornie for the girl at work, as it’s easier to transport. I’ve decided when I get Dena finished, I’m going to put navy fabric edges on it, and make it into a cushion – it’ll go nicely on my sofa with the other plain navy cushions.

Anyway, better start getting ready for work – have to wear office clothes unless you’re on the 9pm-5am shift, which is crazy … so I think I’ll be a rebel tonight, and take my jeans to change into at 10pm (lunchtime haha). Anything for a bit of comfort at that time of the night!

3 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. Wow Dena is looking stunning 🙂 I love the colours too.

    You must show the finished piece when it is totally finished..will be looking forward to it.

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