Well, today I stuck to my original plans, and finished a couple of objects. I’ve had a number of pincushions stitched and ready to be ‘stuffed’ – I even had their cords already made too – but I just hadn’t got around to stitching the backing fabric on a couple of them, and just basically pulling my finger out and finishing them. Well, today brought a few projects out of that forlorn raggle-taggle pile, and they’re about to proudly join the ‘pincushion basket’ … yay, I actually managed to stitch together 6 whole pincushions today – woohoo!

I still have another three yet to be done, but one just got its face washed today, and I have to wait for it to dry – and I can’t decide how to complete the other ones – whether to turn the other one into a Christmas ornament instead of a pincushion … oh decisions, decisions. After that I have one scissor fob to be done, along with two needlecases, and one needleroll (my first ever). I might attempt to get the needleroll done tonight, but even if I don’t I’m pretty pleased with my accomplishments today.

Anyway, I’ll try to upload a piccie, along with the one from yesterday (so you can see it Mum).

5 thoughts on “Finishing-Friday”

  1. The pincushions are lovely Anne. I love the idea of a basket full of different ones for display. You could have a basket of needlerolls as well!!! LOL
    I am enjoying reading your blog, I love your ideas for Finishing Friday and chosing projects with counters, it is kind of like bingo! 🙂
    I work on my UFO each Monday night (teddy beal alphabet), and work on my current WIP (lizzie Kate “Boo”) the other nights.

  2. YAY, you defeated the gremlin that wasn’t allowing you to share your pics with us! Good for you 🙂

    I love ALL your pincushions, they are just BEEutiful! GREAT job 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Lovely finishes!! I was just chasing bloglinks around this morning, and found yours. I finished “Spring Peepers” earlier this week, and am now trying to decide what to do with it….

  4. These are very pretty indeed ; ) You should be happy with them. And, you display them in a basket? How neat.

    Cording is a pain. I don’t know how to get the ends to look nice. One pattern I own, shows cording criss crossed (where the ends meet) with a lamb button sewn on — which I thought was genius.

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