I give up trying to add photos!

For some reason I can’t upload a photo either by blogger upload, or by using Hello/Picasa … mutter mutter mutter. I’ve never tried adding a ‘link’ on here before, but I’ll try and see if it works, just in case anyone’s interested in seeing it – and I’ll try and upload it again tomorrow. Here is today’s version of Dena.

I really need to learn more about this technology on blogging … for the life of me I still can’t work out how to insert photos into the side bar etc either hmmmm.

4 thoughts on “I give up trying to add photos!”

  1. Hi Anne –

    I’m just visiting your blog for the first time. You have some awesome photos of completed projects in your photo album too!

    I haven’ tried canvaswork yet, but someday I will – I am enjoying seeing the other canvas projects that others are working on!

    Happy stitching!

    Cathy B in MN

  2. Hi Anne,
    Sharlee introduced me to your blog and when I saw your photo, you looked vaguely familiar. S tells me you visit the Embroidery Guild’s Guidance Group and Blackwork Group, and as I was a regular at those two groups last year, I am wondering if we have met? Now, if you want to know more about the technical aspects of blogging, just ask S to sit with you. She showed me what can be done with the Template, although I was very resistant to change at first!

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