The weekend’s here!

OK, in fact it’s only Thursday morning (very very early) – you see, as a shift worker there is no such thing as a weekend for me anymore … whatever day comes up before my days off, that’s then Friday for me. Well, last night was Friday, so I’m now free to do what I please for two days – which after my shifts this week might just end up being sleeping haha.

In actual fact, I plan in attending the exhibit at my local Embroiderers Guild, of which I’m a non-attending member at the moment. I started going to the new members meetings last year/early this year, but then I started full-time shift work, and it’s been difficult fitting anything in since then. Oh well, I’ll still keep trying. It will be nice to go and see the exhibit, as I always get great pleasure in sharing other people’s stitching triumphs – and going to these exhibits always stirs up the creative side in me again, and makes me want to hurry home and get back to my own stitching.

So that’s my entire plan for my two days off – going to the exhibit, and perhaps getting my hair cut, followed by my work chores etc … not very exciting … but then I intend sitting myself down in my stitching recliner tomorrow night (sorry, I guess that’s now tonight!) and having an hour or three relaxing and stitching. At least I’m on reasonable shifts next week – 8am-4pm – so I can get back into the swing of stitching a fair bit again.

My well thought out rotation has gone out the window before it’s even begun … I’m now committing myself to a new SAL with the StitchNZ yahoo group, on the 1st week of each month. This will only be taking place on the run up to Christmas, as we’re all going to be working on a Christmas project, whether it be a large XS piece or Christmas ornaments. My choice is a Mill Hill chart called Treasured Christmas Trees, and fits in well with my “only stitch from stash” plans – I start buying the required MH charms and treasures years ago when I first bought the chart, so it’s about time I stitched this up and put them to good use. It looks like it could be a relatively quick stitch (albeit relatively boring, as it’s just green thread as the tree background, decorated with beads and charms etc), so I should be able to get the stitching completed before Christmas – and possibly add a Christmas ornament into the mix as well, as I’ve never stitched one before, and figure it will be a new challenge for me …

Well, better hit the hay again – I’ve finished my wind-down post-work, and eyelids are getting heavy … and I need to be up relatively early for the exhibit to make sure I don’t run out of time for drooling 🙂 Hopefully next time I post I’ll be able to post some sort of progress photo of my stitching – as I’ve been very slack at that this week, and haven’t picked up a needle. Plus I really want to build this blog site up a bit more, and need to work out the technology of adding photos to the sidebars etc … that’ll keep me out of mischief for a week, though, not 2 days!!!!

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