Destined not to finish anything …

… I’m having a real spate of bad luck stitching-wise this week.  I moved house about 4 weeks ago, and just getting things in order in the new place … my real joy was finally getting my stitching station together, and curling up with some quick stitching projects that could be started and finished quickly to give me a sense of achievement after moving.
Well, that was the plan – and it was going pretty smoothly … I almost finished a Strand NZ little canvaswork kit, Bone Carving on Woven Flax (it always reminds me of home) – when I say “almost” finished, the only thing that stopped me is that I ran out of the background thread, hmmm.  Anyway, a quick email to Strand NZ and apparently a strand of wool is being sent over … oh well, I’ll just have to start something else quick, me thinks …
So the last couple of nights I’ve been stitching a Mill Hill chart called “Beading in Needlework – Basics and Beyond” – basically a stitching and beading sampler.  I was going great guns, before realising my 40123 beads didn’t feel like showing their face in the new flat, and have gone into hiding.  Seeing I’ve had the day off work today (due to shift work roster), I drove 1/2 hour out to the local Spotlight and picked up a packet … came home and yet again have got within a hair’s breadth of finishing … only problem is that I’m just short of 8 whole petite beads to finish it!!  Aaaarghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don’t usually need any help from outside influences to keep a huge pile of UFO’s sitting there, but conspiracy theory is starting to spring to my mind … mutter mutter mutter.  Oh well, back to Spotlight in a few days, I guess, so I can finish it finally … I suppose in the meantime I’ll just have to start something else LOLOL.

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