Why is it …?

… That I always run out of something when I’m so close to finishing? Recently I was soooo close to finishing my Victoria Sampler “Gifts of the Magi – Gold” project, but right at the last minute my 2nd reel of Kreinik #8 braid went walkabouts. I was going great guns, and knew I had a reel somewhere, but it has just disappeared! I called every single LNS in the Melbourne area, but no-one had any in stock – I was devastated! A gorgeous angel in disguise in the USA saw my saddened post, and offered to send me some from her stash so I could complete the project – what a wonderful offer! But just in the nick of time, my Kreinik reappeared from hiding with a disgraced look on its face, and I managed to get the sampler finished in no time at all. Here’s a picture of that one:

Then this week I’m stitching away merrily on my Bone Carving on Woven Flax canvaswork kit, and sure enough I run out of thread with hardly any stitching left to be completed. Now I’ve started to stitch a beadwork sampler by Mill Hill, only to find my petite beads 40123 have taken a little vacation by themselves … I’m starting to think about conspiracy theories or poltergeists amusing themselves at my discomfort! Oh well, luckily I’ve got time to pop out to a local store on Sunday (fingers crossed they’ve got some in stock), so I can pick up one more packet – then no doubt once they’ve been bought, my other stash will return shame-faced from holiday!

With today being such a busy day at work, I’m feeling almost too tired to stitch, but I’m going to try and force myself even for just 1/2 hour to get a few more stitches into my beaded sampler. I really need to work on a stumpwork course, but haven’t been in stitching mode since moving flats, so I’m hoping these few quick projects will get the old stitching juices moving again.

On a personal front, my best Aussie mate Fraze just got offered a job at a travel agency today, which is fantastic news – he’s been qualified for a few years now, but hadn’t managed to get ‘in the door’ … I’m happy dancing on his behalf, and very proud of him! Way to go Frazee!!!