Introduction and First Steps in Blogging

Well, this is my first attempt at joining the ‘blogging’ community – it looks like a great way to share thoughts and ideas, and share in others’ stitching achievements. I’ve thought about setting up an online journal a number of times just for my own satisfaction, but never got around to it – but not all the tools are at our fingertips to just jump straight in.

I’ve been stitching since about 1991, and started with cross-stitching, which is still my favourite relaxation therapy – I can stitch XS and just let the world pass me by, or take the time to destress. About 6 years ago I started branching out with my stitching, and have attended a number of classes at my LNS, as well as correspondence courses, to try different techniques out – these have included hardanger, stumpwork, blackwork, and silk ribbon embroidery. I’ve also just started attempting some small canvaswork pieces to try the technique out.

Born in the UK originally, we moved as a family when I was 6 years old to Auckland, New Zealand, so I class myself as a Kiwi. I moved to Melbourne, Australia 2 years ago on my own, where I shared a flat with different people, including a close male friend. The time came eventually, though, that I needed to find some space of my own, so almost a few weeks ago I packed up and moved to a new flat on my own – I will miss the camaraderie with my buddy Fraze, but will enjoy not having to cook and clean for anyone else but me … as well as not feeling guilty when all I want to do is come home and stitch!!

I work as a reservations consultant for an international airline, and work full-time shift work which means some horrendous shift times, but more free time to myself (that should hopefully equate to more stitching time…).

My stitching plan currently is to finish off some of those old UFO’s that have been cluttering up space for years – as well as stitching new projects purely from my stash … like the majority of stitchers, I have hordes of fabrics, threads, and charts – and now I’m living on my own my living expenses have tripled … see, Mum, I KNEW there was a reason I had amassed such huge piles – it was in preparation for the day when I couldn’t afford to buy any more! haha.

Since moving it’s been difficult to get some ‘spare time’ as time has been spent unpacking – but last weekend I refused to unpack anymore, but opted for some quality time for myself … and stitched a small canvaswork kit called “Bone Carving on Woven Flax” (by Strand NZ). I almost managed to get it finished last night, but ran out of the background thread right at the last part, so I have to wait for the manufacturer to post me one strand more of the wool before I can put the last stitches in 😦 Oh well, it was still nice to pick a needle up again, as I haven’t touched one in approx 2 months!

Anyway, tonight my stitching plan is to start a small project that will be finished quickly – an “Ever So Little” design of a giraffe. Once finished I’ll send the chart to an online member of EGA who loves giraffes, just in case she doesn’t have it already. With any luck I’ll be able to post a completed piccie of it in a day or two 🙂

Rightio, that’ll do for now – I look forward to posting on a regular basis, and joining this fun online community.

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