Missing in action: 1 stitching mojo!

It seems my mojo has well and truly taken a hike over the last few months … since my last finish, I haven’t touched a needle for a few weeks … although I finally took a day out recently to remind myself how much fun stitching is when I attempt it!  I’ve been very behind with my Hallowe’en SAL, so I had the perfect designs put to one side to get up-to-date once again … and it was pretty simple stitching so I didn’t have to think too much!

Halloween ornie SAL

Anyway,without further ado here are my SAL pieces for February (skeletons theme) and March (owls theme) – both designs are by The Prairie Schooler.  The design states to stitch on Lambswool linen, but I found a piece of 30ct WDW Guacamole recently that I should would be good to use instead (it also meant I could be lazy and leave the background of the skeleton unfilled, win-win!!).


Then on the weekend I started my Smalls SAL piece, and managed to put the final stitches into it while watching TV tonight.  I’ll wait, though, and schedule a post with the finish piccie and details in it for the official SAL reveal day in a week’s time.

That’s the sum total of my stitching, though, for the last month or so … fingers crossed next month will see an improvement! 🙂

One really exciting thing that happened a couple of weeks ago, though, was that my Mum came to visit unexpectedly.  I won two tickets to the opening night of Les Misérables in Sydney – I found out on the morning of the show the people I’d invited to go with me had decided to turn down the offer … chatting to Mum she said she’d love to come.  I jokingly told her to jump on a plane and come over.  Well, she totally surprised me by saying OK what time do the flights go?  It turns out she had 15 minutes to leave home and get to the airport – and she totally blew me away by actually going through with it!  She pretty much rocked up in the clothes she was wearing and one change of clothes in her carry-on bag … I was in shock all weekend that she was actually in Sydney visiting me!  I took a day off work on the Monday and we had a lovely long weekend together.  I’m pretty much resigned to the fact it’s unlikely she’ll visit me in Aussie very often anymore (she even took her toilet bag home this visit, which she’s always left here, so that’s a sign in itself) … so it was very special to have her here, and I made sure to make the most of it.  She arrived in Sydney with about an hour to spare before having to leave for the show – we had a really wonderful night out, it was one of those nights that amazing memories are made of!

Les Mis

Then on the Sunday I dragged her out again and we drove over to the Hunter Valley for the day … then we finished the weekend travelling by having a lovely picnic out at Audley Village in the Royal National Park.  All-in-all it was an exceptional few days spent with my favourite person in the world … it really doesn’t get any better than that! 😀

Cross Stitch, Finishes, Halloween, Shepherd's Bush

Halloween is on it’s way!

After hearing people talk about Halloween coming soon, I got a sudden urge to do a small bit of Halloween stitching … this little project has been sitting around for far too long in my ‘to be stitched’ pile, especially as the chart was on loan from a dear friend … so it finally got to see the light of day and I stitched it up over the last 2 days.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any of the green Fuzzy Stuff thread for the witch’s hair, and I’m too impatient to wait until I order some, so I just decided to use the green DMC that is used for Frankenstein’s face.  I also changed the fabric to something that I think suits it quite well 🙂


“October” by Shepherd’s Bush
stitched on 32ct Thunderstorm Belfast linen
with recommended DMC threads, but using DMC instead of Fuzzy Stuff for witch’s hair

I managed to do quite a bit of stitching yesterday for the first time in weeks, and hope to have another happy dance in another day or two – a project I started in March this year when I was in NZ … and which was in my planned 2013 project stitching (Little Blue Potting Shed by Brown House Studio).