This is taken from the RAK Registry information, and is mainly to help any future exchange partners work out my favourite things, if wishing to personalise an exchange, without having to trawl through my blog to find the information – however, I will always appreciate any stitched gift regardless of what style and colour, as I appreciate the personal investment of time and effort that has gone into the final stitched piece: 

Fave colours: Blues – all shades, from pastels to brights (eg turquoise/cobalt), and every shade inbetween – followed closely behind by rich deep reds – but I also like other rich bright colours such as purples, greens etc – the only colours I’m not particularly keen on are pinks and apricots (especially pastels)

Fave designers: Too many to mention in full, but I like LHN/CCN, Teresa Wentzler, Mirabilia, Just Nan, The Sweetheart Tree, Lizzie*Kate, Prairie Schooler, Chatelaine, With My Needle, The Drawn Thread, and many more – and love French redwork and ‘smalls’ designs

Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: I have a pretty eclectic taste in stitching styles, and love most things!  I like different stitches (including hardanger), and always happy to receive something that isn’t just XS, love monochrome designs and Quakers, French redwork … well pretty much everything except those listed below

Any dislikes: I don’t enjoy stitching in pastels on the whole, but I like to see pastels stitched up – I’m not fond of the colour pink, and seriously dislike ‘historical’ old-fashioned samplers. I’m also not overly fond of alphabet samplers when it’s ‘just’ alphabets (they’re OK when included with another picture/design element), cutesy/country themes, religious themes or primitives but that’s about it – everything else is fair game! 😉

Wishlist URL: Click here
Any small RAK’s that would be enjoyed: Love stationery items of any type (pens, notecards etc), tea/hot chocolate/coffee sachets are great, as are fridge magnets and postcards, and I have a sweet tooth as far as chocolate and sweeties are concerned (although dark chocolate is my least favourite).   Anything with a duck is always treasured!
Fave holidays: Christmas and Halloween (don’t celebrate Halloween as such, but just adore the stitched designs)
Holidays not celebrated or liked: Easter

2 thoughts on ““Likes””

  1. Hi,

    I would like to know if you have Flower of the East chart for sale or trade.

    I am interested and has been looking to this item for a while.

    1. Apologies, Flower of the East isn’t available for sale/trade, as I still have to stitch this one myself. You may be able to find a copy on Ebay? Kind regards, Anne

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