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French Monogram tuffet

Yippee, the stitching is now all finished, both front and back, so the tuffet is ready to be put together (which won’t be happening this week … but next weekend is looking good).

French Monogram III tuffet front French Monogram III tuffet back
“French Monogram III Tuffet” by Twisted Oaks Designs
stitched on 32ct cream Belfast linen
with DMC 115 floss

I’m soooo happy to finally get the stitching on this one finished – it’s been a WIP (or perhaps more like a UFO of late) for far too long.  It used to be my evening stitching when I was on the overnight shifts at work – that is until I found out I was one stitch out somewhere in the outside border, and only found out when I’d completed the whole thing.  Mum very kindly took it upon herself while I was at work to find out where I’d gone wrong and unpicked it all for me … bless her heart!  It’s amazing how quickly it’s stitched up once I had the time to concentrate on it without having to take phone calls inbetween stitches!  Now I just have to stitch up the needlebook and fob to match … not sure whether I’ll do that straightaway now or pick up an older WIP … ah decisions, decisions … 🙂

I have to admit after my stressful night last night I’ve been taking it pretty easy today, and didn’t attempt to put together Barnabee’s Bride – I hope to get this finished during the week, however, so I can still take it over to Katoomba next weekend.

I did manage to get the food processor out this morning and after donning a surgical rubber glove onto my injured hand I finished off the soup, as well as cooking a whole new batch of soup with pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato.  Lisa had that for dinner tonight, and apparently enjoyed it, so that’s good 🙂

As for the finger/fingernail, I changed the dressing tonight and I’m quite pleased with how it looks after I cleaned the dried ‘gunk’ off it – as long as I don’t bend the nail at all you can only just see where I sliced it through … thank goodness (and no, I didn’t attempt to actually bend the nail, last night was enough trying that little trick out!!).

Rightio, time to get into bed … so much for my planned early night tonight, as I coudn’t pack up the stitching until I put those final stitches in … now I can sleep a restful and happy sleep … helped along by a glass of Omrah Shiraz that I chose as my nightcap – that’s a wine that was recommended to me while I was in Perth, and I have to say it was a good recommendation! 🙂