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A lack of crafty updates

Sadly I became quite sick in early February with some virus that has had me nauseous and wanting to be physically ill on and off for six weeks. Sadly that meant a few weeks of annual leave were spent laid up in bed or on the sofa apartment-bound. This all coincided with the final visit from my Mum, which sadly meant no fun road trips for us on this trip, and our all travel plans had to be cancelled. On the positive, though, we had plenty of girlie one-on-one time at home watching TV and movies and just generally chatting. Mum has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and these types of days will gradually become less and less, and she’s no longer able to travel on her own. It breaks my heart to see her memories disappearing, but I try to stay positive and just respond the same way for the 5th time I’ve heard the same story on any given day – I still treasure the conversations and the laughter that we always have 🙂

As for crafts, my gigantic plans for the year became scuppered very early on, and I’m very behind with blogging and crafting. I did eventually manage a bit of stitching while I was on ‘holiday’ though once the nausea started to wear off, and this has been the result so far …

Dimensions: Stacked Tea Cups

This kit was a gift from a dear friend in the US, and I’ve been itching to stitch it ever since it arrived. I decided the colours were exactly what I wanted to work on and made a start on it before Mum arrived for our holiday. This was also my chosen project for “New start January” in an Aussie Facebook group called JK’s Groupies. Eventually I managed to finish it during my recuperation. I really need to take a better photo in daylight without all those ugly shadows! I also want to stitch this one more time but on a 36ct linen next time with DMC – I’d love to see the comparison, because I hated stitching on that awful cardboard-like Aida and I have more Dimensions kits to stitch up.

“Stacked Tea Cups” by Dimensions
Stitched on 18ct white Aida (hideous kit fabric)
with kit threads

Started 12 January 2019 – Finished 15 February 2019

Elizabeth’s Designs: Ladybug

This was a WIP from 2018, and all I had to do was to stitch on the ladybird charm … five minutes later and it was all finished! 🙂

“Ladybug” by Elizabeth’s Designs
Stitched on 32ct natural Belfast linen (I think)
with recommended threads
Started ? 2018 – Finished 15 February 2019

Keslyn’s: Santa’s Hat & Boots

Next was the April Christmas ornament in a Facebook JCS Christmas Ornament SAL. I really struggled with this one initially because of my ‘fuzzy head’, but I persevered and managed to finish it eventually – but oh boy it wasn’t much fun, and it took me a fair few days to complete it!

“Santa’s Hat and Boots” by Keslyn’s
(from the 2018 JCS Christmas Ornament issue)
Stitched one-over-one on 28ct white Lugana
with recommended DMC threads
but I attached small bells instead of the ‘Bead Landing Sticky Gems’

Laura J Perin: Flying Geese

After I finished all that over-one stitching, I started a new canvaswork project – Flying Geese by Laura J Perin. I thought the larger threads and canvas would be easier for my head to manage. It’s been a bit slow going, but hopefully this will be finished over the next couple of months.

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Tiger Reflection finish

It’s been an interesting week with a few GP visits – one which ended up with me having a CT chest angiogram at a local private hospital to rule out blood clots in the lungs.  Thankfully that came back clear, but it did confirm that I have managed to contract pneumonia … which explains why I’ve been feeling so crappy still.  After going into work yesterday morning just to attend a training session that ended up being cancelled, my boss sent me home and told me I don’t have to think about work duties this week, just to take time to get better.  It felt strangely exhilarating and soothing to know that I didn’t have to concentrate on anything ‘real’, but could just chill out at home and relax and concentrate on getting well again (at least until I have my cortisone injection on Friday, yikes).

So, what was the first thing I opted to do yesterday when I got home?  I pulled out 4 plastic tubs of kitted up charts to start stitching something new to cheer myself up … but then I glanced over at my current WIP and realised I only had about 9-10 hours of stitching left to go (I’d had a big stitching weekend where that’s all I did all weekend, sat up in bed in my jammies!).  In the end my WIP got the better of me, and I put aside any new starts … and I spent the entire afternoon in the lounge stitching.  I managed to put the final backstitches into the piece today, so I can cross this off the WIP list and move it into the Finishes list (it’s very lonely on that list this year!).

Dimensions-Tiger Reflection
“Tiger Reflection” by Dimensions
stitched on black aida fabric and thread from the kit

As for what’s up next?  I have an exchange ornie to do, so I think I’ll be kitting an ornament or two up to be stitched … then I may start something new that’s a smallish size … before I return to another of my WIPs – I don’t know why, but all of a sudden it’s bothering me that I have so many unfinished projects floating around the place and I’m almost becoming a “one project at a time” person again.  Knowing me, though, I’m sure that’s a short phase I’m going through LOL.

I get really tired on the computer, so still no updates from our trip written up yet … I’ll get around to it at some stage, I’m sure 🙂

And now it’s time to go and braise some beef to make a huge pot of soupy stew to keep me going over the next few days … and to dig out the next stitching project 🙂