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WIPocalypse – April 2017

The only WIP I worked on during April was my Egyptian Garden Mandala. Here’s what it looked like at the start of the month:


And what it looks like now:


Yeah, not that different really, other than a bit of work done on the pyramid in the bottom corner. I haven’t had much time or energy to stitch this month, and needed to spend some time catching up on my SALs for the year, as well as getting a new start kitted up – that’s Mirabilia’s “Red”, except I’m doing a blue conversion. I’m going to a local Mirabilia retreat where Nora’s attending, so I was hoping to have it stitched before then … but seeing as it’s not started yet, and the retreat kicks off on Friday 5 May, I think I’m a bit out of luck on that score 😉

1 thought on “WIPocalypse – April 2017”

  1. Gorgeous work on the Chatelaine, such beautiful colours.
    If you stitch night and day you might get Red done by the 5th… no time for sleeping or eating though!

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