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My first ever HAED … finished!!

The title says it all … I can’t believe it myself, but this year saw my first ever HAED finished – QS Iris by Josephine Wall!  This was also, coincidentally, the first HAED chart I ever bought, so it’s quite cool that it’s also the first one I managed to finish too 🙂

I’ve always detested over-one stitching, but for some reason I really enjoy doing it on HAEDs, and it no longer phases me … yay me!!  I must say I also adore doing the 2-over-1 tent stitch, it’s soooo much faster too, and with pretty decent coverage on the 28ct Lugana 🙂

QS Iris by HAED

“QS Iris” by HAED (artist Josephine Wall) 
Started 1 April 2016 – Finished 14 July 2016
Stitched on 28ct Lugana in 2-over-1 tent stitch
with recommended DMC threads

Oh my goodness I’m still so incredibly proud of this achievement months after my finished!  I actually made a short video of every colour getting stitched for a HAED Facebook Challenge, but I lost it when my hard drive of my PC crashed a couple of weeks ago now.  Sadly that probably means I’ve also lost all my latest HAED purchases too, as the back-up portable drive will also not load a couple of folders either … so much for having a back-up of important files made! 😦

Anyhoo, one day I’ll download the software again to re-make the video and I’ll also add the rest of the photos in the process – it’s so much fun to see the project take shape colour by colour (when I remembered to take the photo anyway).

10 thoughts on “My first ever HAED … finished!!”

  1. Wow, a finished HAED! They are so rare LOL. Usually all you see are blocks of the top left corner. This is a beautiful design and you’ve stitched it really quickly too.

  2. Wow, I’m so impressed! I just can’t bring myself to start those dense stitching projects, lol! Kudos to you,Anne!

    1. Yes it’s been a first for me too this year – I was surprised just how much I loved doing it … it’s just one small stitch after another, the only difference is the 1,000s of those one wee stitches after the other 😉 LOL

  3. Gorgeous work! I love the 2 over 1, because it gives it more of that painted (vs pixelated) look 🙂

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