Victoria Sampler, Works in Progress

More Crimson Fire

No stitching for the last few days, but today I’m making an effort to do a bit more on my Crimson Fire Sampler … geez this is such a pretty design when it’s stitched up!  The chart photo doesn’t do it justice whatsoever, and probably neither do my photos!!  It’s certainly challenging my stitching abilities at the moment, as it’s been such a long time since I’ve tackled tricky specialty stitches, but oh boy it’s so worth all the effort!  Thanks to Thea Dueck/The Victoria Sampler for such a stunning design!!

Crimson Fire 18Jan2014

My nuclear scan on Friday didn’t seem to reveal a stress fracture, so it’s back to the drawing board again and back to my GP again next week … but in the meantime I’m enforcing myself to put my feet up for the entire weekend to rest my foot up … which means lots more time for stitching!!! 😀

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  1. Crimson Fire sampler is looking fabulous! While it might be challenging at the moment, I seriously doubt there is anything in the way of embroidery that you can’t do once you set your mind to it 🙂
    Still wondering if you got my Xmas card with the bits of canvas???

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