Canvaswork Dreams

After finishing my Ebb Tide canvaswork piece, I have a major urge to get more canvaswork pieces kitted up and ready to go … I’ve been slowly adding to my thread stash for a number of years now, and it seems I finally have enough in my stash to finally kit a number of pieces up (including more Rainbow Gallery thread stash that arrived this morning from a recent sale). The problem I will have, though, is that I don’t have enough canvas in my stash … will have to do a hunt under the bed for my canvas stash and see what I’ve got sitting around … but sadly not very much I don’t think. Canvas is like hen’s teeth to find ‘down under’, so I always have to order from Nordic Needle (or I used to buy from Nancy’s in Wellington, New Zealand). Looks like a New Year stash purchase may be in order, although I’d better make it a decent one as postage for canvas always bumps the price up astronomically, even though it doesn’t weigh very much it usually ends up being sent in a big box, pffft.  I guess it will mean giving me an incentive to order the remaining threads I need for some other canvaswork projects at the same time … sadly threads like Rainbow Gallery are also like hen’s teeth to order down under!!

Anyway, on close inspection of my thread stash inventory on the PC (assuming it’s correct!), it seems I should have all the threads for the following designs, so the biggest problem I’m going to have is actually DECIDING, ‘cos there are actually a lot more now than I realised!!  WOOHOO!!!!! 😀

Laura J Perin-Flying GeeseFlying Geese by Laura J Perin

Laura J Perin-Holly and IvyHolly and Ivy by Laura J Perin (freebie)

Laura J Perin-Holiday SquareHoliday Square by Laura J Perin (freebie)

Laura J Perin-SpringFling400Spring Fling by Laura J Perin (freebie)

BlueBird200Blue Birds by Laura J Perin (freebie)

Jens Jems-Polynesian Paradise_0001 - CopyPolynesian Paradise by Jen’s Jems (I have the black canvas ready)

GRACE-LG11Grace by Orna Willis (except I want to do the purple colourway)

summerdrinkgreenlarge1A Summer Drink by Orna Willis (I want to stitch both the Lime and Mint/blue versions)

Laura J Perin-Reflecting Pools1Reflecting Pools by Laura J Perin

Northern Pine-Blue Bayou Blue Bayou by Northern Pine Designs (I have the blue canvas cut and ready to go)

1890744Mallard Collage by Laura J Perin

Northern Pine-Earth Spirit_0001Earth Spirit by Northern Pine Designs

Northern Pine-Surf & Sand_0001Surf and Sand by Northern Pine Designs

If you’re interested in getting started with canvaswork yourself, the following are some of my favourite websites for drooling and building up the wishlist:

A couple of additional links for designers, although I haven’t tried any of their designs yet:

9 thoughts on “Canvaswork Dreams”

  1. The only thing that holds me back from doing more canvaswork is the cost of the fibers. I’ve really enjoyed the few pieces I’ve stitched. My LNS actually stocks everything for these designs and they really promote canvaswork, but the last time I had them kit one up for me it was over $100. Needless to say, I always try to have one on hand for when the urge strikes, but not much more than that. I’m envious of your collection! 🙂

    1. I totally agree with you about the thread costs – definitely the most expensive hobby I’ve ever had! I try to keep my eye out for sales and only buy a few then … only way to do it I think!

  2. Good sweet lollipops! I thought Egg Tide was stunning, but I AM going to get Surf and Sand by Northern Pine Designs and kit it up and stitch it!!! @_@

    Forget the fact I don’t know how to do half those stitches, I”MA GONNA LEARN!!!!

  3. Anne, I have a couple of rolls of canvas that I snapped up at our opshop a while ago for a few dollars. I’ve never done anything with it and probably never will, so you are welcome to it. I could send you some sample squares to see if it is what you need, and if so, let me know and it’s all yours. But I’ll need your postal address again…

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