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Preview of the next tutorial

Yesterday I had a mini finishing spree where I did all the photos needed (almost all anyway!) for two scissor fob tutorials.  As you can see from my previous post I managed to complete one of them and have it published … I want to take some more photos before I publish the second one, though, so the cord attachment is more clear.  In the meantime, however, I can share my two finishes from yesterday – so you have a preview of which fob finishing method is coming next … 😉


It’s felt really good doing the tutorials once again … perhaps my finishing funk is slowly disappearing and a wee bit of mojo is returning? … I really do hope so! 😀


2 thoughts on “Preview of the next tutorial”

  1. Beautiful stitching, and enjoyed the first tutorial. I have so many “square” designs (thank you Just Nan!) but not too sure how many were diamond aligned. I’ve finished stitching in a similar shape, but not the same technique you’ve described. Will need to give it a go 🙂

    I want to get that cord maker!

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