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An old UFO sees the light of day

What can I say, except that having so many UFOs (UnFinished Objects) is actually starting to bother me … I feel surrounded by clutter both in my physical space and my mental one … so last weekend I decided to have a true ‘mental health’ weekend and didn’t budge out of my stitching chair (in this case, bed) for two whole days and watching Buffy DVDs and stitched my little heart out.  It was just what the doctor ordered for body and soul last week, and the result is putting one of my oldest UFOs onto my scroll-bars for a bit of a workout … and boy it felt good!

Here is how TW’s English Garden Sampler looked when I dragged it out of it’s hiding place …


And after an entire weekend’s full-on beauty treatment, here’s how it looks now …


Of course since then I’ve been full-on back at work and crazy hours again, so it’s not had any attention over the last week … but I’m still refusing to put it away until it has a teeny bit more love … perhaps once I get the border done for this section, and then two of the topiary tree sections underneath … only then perhaps I’ll put it aside for another project to get some love … perhaps …

13 thoughts on “An old UFO sees the light of day”

  1. That is just beautiful, Anne. I know how time consuming one of TW designs can be with all the tweeding. You got so much done during your “weekend in bed”.

  2. We all need mental health time to ourselves. Work and family can certainly take a toll on you, especially with everything you’ve gone through recently with your father. Good for you for pulling out old UFOs and working on them. I love the progress you’ve made on this TW piece and I look forward to seeing more of it! 🙂

  3. wow! That kind of progress on any design is great but on a Teresa piece it’s doubly impressive! I do enjoy working on just one piece for a solid block of time, it makes such satisfactory progress. Now to decide which project calls for the attention the most!

  4. How beautiful is that…you are the most dedicated stitcher, Anne. I have a very small TW peacock kit that I was given by a well meaning friend who knows my love of all things peacocky, but apart from taking it out of the plastic bag and putting it back again almost immediately, I haven’t done anything with it! In the meantime I’ve just started work on a freebie peacock sampler that is much easier, due to the fact it can be done in just one colour.

  5. That is amazing Anne. It is good to have catch up – love moments with UFOs. I am seriously going to do the same. There are projects I really want to finish, and some doesnt bother me too much. Its good to get into that mindset…really refreshing.
    Margaret xx

  6. Absolutely beautiful Anne. What a good feeling. I made a list of UFO’s last Autumn and worked all winter on them. You have so many lovely things I wouldn’t know where to begin. Love your “In Progress” side bar with the percentages!! Super. Happy Stitching.

  7. Every once in a while we need a quiet stitchy weekend to spoil ourselves. You got so much done in one weekend. Great progress!!

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