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Stash galore – and a new start

Over the Christmas period while I was at my parents’ place Mum and I went a little crazy with some major sales (ie 40% or more off) happening.  In some ways you could say this was my Mum’s Christmas gift to me, as she gifted me with a “Visa card repayment” which meant I had some additional play money while I was there.  I hadn’t realised really just how much I’d ordered until it all started turning up last week! LOL.  There is still one parcel yet to see, as I sent it to Mum’s address, thinking I was staying there for Dad’s surgery – so I’ll have an extra little treat waiting for me when I return (assuming Mum hasn’t put it somewhere “safe” never to be seen again LOL).  Anyway, without further ado here is the MASSIVE pile of stash that arrived, which also managed to clear off a number of items that have been on my wishlist for years!






As for stitching, my needle has been very scarce these days – I did have a sudden urge to stitch a few nights ago and opted for the first thing I could find that was already kitted up, was relatively small, and basically could be ready to stitch at a few moments notice (considering I made my “let’s stitch” decision at 9pm at night!!) … I ended up choosing one of the Shepherd’s Bush scissor fobs from my original Crazy January Challenge list.  I still haven’t finished it yet, but I was very good and marked up my rotation spreadsheet to make sure I’m still allocating the right times to each slot.  The front is completely finished, and I just have to complete the back and it’s done 🙂


Next up, though, is to start (and hopefully finish) my Round Robin piece – which are the Seasonal Topiaries by Passione Ricamo.  This was originally published as a set of freebies on the internet, but I think they’ve been long since taken down, and the design has since been published in a magazine.  I’ve decided to stitch mine on a piece of hand-dyed Pipi Belfast by Countrystitch … and seeing as it’s due to be posted out on 1 February, you know what I’ll be doing the entire long weekend this weekend (thank heavens for that extra day so my goal feels slightly more achievable!).

And on that note, I’ve ironed my piece of fabric tonight ready to start, so I think I’d better so drag the tub of DMC out and start finding the colours I need.  Mind you, in actual fact it doesn’t really matter if I don’t 100% finish my section, as long as I complete all the border pieces … “she’ll be right”!  This is a link of what my round robin will look like – and I love the added verse at the top of the sampler so much that I’ve ‘stolen’ the idea and will be doing the same thing with mine too … the only difference is that I’m moving the Winter tree to be on the left to make the sampler a teeny bit more balanced 🙂

6 thoughts on “Stash galore – and a new start”

  1. What great stash? Moms do well on presents especially when you can pick out your own.

    I still have the Birds of a Feather Bluebird Merit one if you are interested. I will just sent it to you as it is doing me no good but taking up room. It is a fun stitch. Email me.

    1. Yep … she’s likely hidden it in the cupboard in the same place where she hid all the chocolates and lollies I was bringing over for my work colleagues … because she’d hidden them away from the heat (that was her reason) I forgot all about packing them, and they’re still sitting there in the cupboard right now … bless her – Mum and Dad make a great pair like that – nothing is ever safe left around! 😉

  2. WOW! What a great stash haul! I’m drooling all over my keyboard right now lol. It was very nice of your Mum to treat you.

    I love your round robin. I remember seeing that design in a magazine somewhere. It will be fabulous when its done.

  3. Oh my GOD!!!!! Everytime I see the amount of stitching you do, I wonder if staying single is the secret…not having to cook and clean for extra bods around the place. Don’t know how women who have kids as well as husbands, get so much stitching done.

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