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Final WIPocalypse post for 2012

Unfortunately I can’t show piccies of the latest stitching I’ve been working on, as I’m on holiday with my parents in NZ and didn’t bother bringing my laptop with me … and of course I left the cord for the camera … and Mum’s PC is so old it doesn’t have a memory card slot … so the only stitching I can show from the last month is an ornie that I quickly whipped up in my last weekend at home before I flew out that I’d uploaded to Facebook – it was a gift for a work colleague who had had us over for lunch the previous weekend – hopefully she likes it as I didn’t get to see her before I left, and I could only leave it on her desk for her on Xmas Eve.  I also just realised that I never took a photo of it finish-finished, so I’ll have to get Pauline to do that for me!


“Joyeux Noel” by Monsterbubbles (I think)
stitched on 32ct white Belfast linen
with totally different Au Ver a Soie and Belle Soie silk threads from the design
(I wanted a more traditional look for Pauline)

The other stitching I’ve been doing is a little bit on a Bent Creek Easter design, and I am about 2/3 through Blossoms and Blackbirds by LHN (most of which was stitched last night).  My Dad was taken into hospital 2 days after I arrived home and we’re just awaiting a surgery date for him now – it was supposed to be on this coming Monday, but now there is doubt that it will happen, and we were told to come pick him up from the hospital today and to take him back again tomorrow night.  I’m glad I’m here as a support for both Mum and Dad even if it’s just for playing chauffeur service to/from the hospital and taking Mum shopping etc.  At least he had a really great Christmas Day with our extended family before he went downhill again 🙂

And on that note I guess it’s time to head back into the lounge and pick up my stitching once again for some more family time – better make the most of it again before we head back to the hospital again tomorrow night!


3 thoughts on “Final WIPocalypse post for 2012”

  1. Anne, sorry to hear your Dad is so ill. My MIL is failing fast, but at nearly 100 she deserves to go to sleep soon! Love your Eiffel Tower stitching; there’s been a few of those designs in the craft mags in recent months. Paris must be the IN place to go these days??!!
    Hope you have a very happy, healthy and safe new year, and lots of stitching accomplished 😉

  2. I hope your father gets better soon and very sorry to hear that you and your family are having to go through this at this time of year. Wishing you and your family all fo the best in 2013.

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