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Short stitching nightmare is over!

Before heading out to the Supernatural Convention I managed to get a wee bit of stitching completed over the last few days – I can’t show the first finish I have, as it’s likely to be used for my upcoming exchange piece (I can’t decide yet so I’ll stitch one or two more and then decide on the final one to be sent).  The subject heading, though, is in relation to my next finish – while this one glistens and glows in the light due to all of its metallic floss and shiny gold beads (MH 02011), it is a real PITA to stitch … actually I should clarify that statement, and say that the DMC metallic floss was a total PITA to stitch!!  Geez I really hate that stuff, how it shreds and frays – and I used a bigger needle to try to cut down on the friction and rubbing.  Sadly I couldn’t find my Thread Heaven to help out, but I think even that wouldn’t have made the stitching any more enjoyable.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any Treasure Braid or Kreinik in the same colour green to use as a substitute … oh well, at least it’s now all finished!  And I have to admit I really love it now it’s finished, while it sits all sparkly and shimmering gold in the light of the daylight bulb – in saying that, though, I never want to stitch it again!! 😉

Needle Maid Designs-Golden Partridge and Pears
“Golden Partridge and Pears” by Needle Maid Designs, Inc
(from 1998 JCS Christmas Ornament issue)
stitched on 28ct white Jobelan
with recommended DMC threads (cotton floss and metallic floss) and MH beads

I was originally going to send this as my exchange piece, but I opted not to do so in the end … now it’s time to settle in for another few episodes of Supernatural on DVD while I stitch another possible choice for my exchange – after yesterday’s experience I’ve had the urge to go back and watch all 7 seasons again, starting with Season 1 😀  Photos to follow from the convention first though 😉

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