2012 WIPocalypse

WIPocalypse update for May

Some reasonable stitching effort put in over the last month due to being off work with ongoing illness, what between a dreadful head cold/flu, followed by pneumonia, and finishing with a cortisone injection in my heel … I may have felt like crap for weeks, but it’s the most stitching I’ve managed to do in an awfully long time, and I loved every single second of it!!!  The last month saw the following updates take place (the only exception is that I had a Prairie Schooler exchange ornie included at the beginning of last month, but can’t show it yet as it’s only just left here on the journey to its new home):

  • Tiger Reflection by Dimensions – this was 100% finished
  • Walking in a Winter Snapperland by Bent Creek – got halfway through another block, taking it to approx 60% completion

I also started some new projects, which have to be added to the WIP list until I receive some missing silk threads:

  • 20 Flowers by Just Nan – 70% completed
  • Into the Night by Shepherd’s Bush – 90% completed

As a visual reminder, here are the projects I worked on during the last month, and their state as we go into the month of May:

During the next month I hope to get more stitching done on “Walking in a Winter Snapperland”, and also work on at least one more older WIP/UFO – I’m leaning towards Mirabilia’s “Enchanted Mermaid”, Ruth Schmuff’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” or Just Cross Stitch’s “Le Jardin Silk Sampler” … although I can’t guarantee what the final pieces will be ‘cos I change my mind 20 times a day!  Seeing as I’ve mislaid my stitching mojo for a while, I just want to stitch whatever takes my fancy at the time, and whatever builds my stitching enthusiasm up once again 🙂

8 thoughts on “WIPocalypse update for May”

  1. Hi Anne! I have been a lurker on your blog for several years now and I just love seeing all the beautiful stitching you do. You do quite a variety of styles and I love that. I have recently started a blog of my own and would love it if you had a chance to stop by. OneXataTime.wordpress.com

  2. Lots of work done for just a month, I envy you! Good luck with your other WIPs I look forward to seeing more of these pieces come together as you work on them. You’ve got quite an impressive selection judging by your WIP/UFO list on the side there.

  3. You’re early for the WiPocalypse update ^.^ Beautiful WiPs. All of them. I always admire your work. Your stitching is lovely. Hope you find your stitching mojo again soon.


  4. It sounds like you have had a rough time. Hope you are feeling better! You have accomplished some pretty stitching!

  5. You’ve done great, and these are all beautiful! I’m sorry that you’re having so many health issues, and I hope you’ll be better real soon.

  6. Your email link didn’t work for me – but I wanted to let you know the lovely Prairie Schooler ornament you made for me arrived safe and sound and I love it! Thanks so much!

    I’m also enjoying visiting your blog – your stitching projects are fabulous!

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