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April WIPocalypse update

Just a really quick drive-by posting for my WIPocalypse update for April – sadly, due to illness, long working hours and our trip to the other side of the world my stitching was almost non-existent this month … I managed to put a few hours into this WIP, but that’s all (and it’s a really dreadful photo, sorry):


Since then, however, I’ve managed to do some more stitching on this one thanks to picking up a dreadful flu bug thing on the flight home, so at least I’ll have some more progress to show next month! 🙂

Other than my WIP pile, I did manage to start the following freebie on my 2nd to last night in Paris, and have managed to finish it off as soon as I got home while getting over the jetlag (and letting those flu bugs slowly fester and take hold).

Blackbird Designs-Souvenir de France

And now I’m heading back to the comfort of my stitching chair with my Nurofen and Ribena – will post an update about my whirlwind trip at some stage soon! 🙂

5 thoughts on “April WIPocalypse update”

  1. Sorry to hear you’re not well, planes are the worst place for picking up some horrible bug. And sorry not to have been in Paris when you were – I was soaking up the sun further south, but I think it was also good weather here for you? Looking forward to hearing about your trip, and hoping you get well soon.

  2. Your little souvenir from Paris looks great. I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip. And hopefully you will feel a lot better soon.

  3. Good to see your post. Sorry you have been ill. Am anxiously awaiting the saga of your trip!

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