“It won’t happen overnight, but it WILL happen”

And so went the words of the Pantene shampoo advert … which has been very true of the latest change in my life.  Many of you may remember that I applied for a new job about a month ago … well, after two interviews and a skills test it turns out that the words are in fact correct … it didn’t happen overnight, but this week I found out that it DID happen!!

Which means that the last few days have seen me going rapidly from this:

(which is supposed to display the emotion “excited” haha)

to this:

(yep, that is definitely a “scared” emotion happening there!)

And pretty much every emotion inbetween!

It turns out that the delay in telling me about my acceptance is that there was another position that has become available within the same group, which is actually better than the other one that I applied for – I assume I was getting offered the other job anyway as my current boss had already had the discussion about release dates two weeks ago now, but since then this other opportunity came up (which I was offered) and I get to continue using my current airline experience with the new role while still getting the opportunity to learn new ones.  This makes the transition even easier because I have the comfort level of not just a bunch of people that I really like to work with, but also still knowing a fair bit about the business side of the position – double bonus!!

It means big changes are afoot, though, as I will no longer be able to hop to work in the car (I currently live and work relatively close to the airport), sadly it means having to do public transport once again and do the daily commute into the city each day.  But even here there are large bonuses – being within 5-10 minutes walk from Darling Harbour and being able to get back into hydrotherapy at the city pool will be awesome – not to mention more places to buy lunch and socialise with people from work that I already love to bits.  I’ll be honest and say it’s not my perfect job, but then again the one I’m doing now isn’t either, but the benefits of this new job far outweigh the negatives and it’ll be really nice to have a work challenge to get the brain active once more!

The funny thing is that I actually wasn’t job hunting at all, ‘cos I was kinda settled in my current job and relatively happy – but one of the Managers I’ve worked with a lot from that side of the business called me to tell me about it and recommended that I apply.  I figured what the heck, it doesn’t hurt, and it’s the first time I’ve actually been tempted by a new job that much … and I guess the rest is history!

We’ve also just heard that one other team member from our team has just got a new job as well, plus we’ve got one new team member who’s only been with us for a week, so I’m thinking they’ll be playing pretty tough on a release date, but I’m happy with that … it’s just nice to know it’s all over now and I don’t have to stress waiting for that ‘call back’.  It may mean longer hours at work and less time for relaxation at home but that just means that I have to work harder to ensure I keep that work/life balance happening and spend my free time more wisely … and the extra $8,000 a year they’re willing to pay me won’t go astray either ;P

So, there you go … that’s the major news for the week … it’s all a bit exciting, and frightening, and joyous, and terrifying, and … I can’t wait! 😀

18 thoughts on ““It won’t happen overnight, but it WILL happen”

  1. Congratulations, and good luck! Hope it all works out for the best. With a pay rise like that, you can’t really go wrong, lol! Now, once you send me the dimensions of your coffee plunger, you will have a nice cozy for it to grace your desk in your new office…hint hint!

  2. So excited for you! Well done. Does the public transport enable you to stitch on the way to and from work? I do miss the daily commute for the friends I made and the stitching I did.

    Hope it all goes well over the next few weeks.

  3. What a great new challenge! I am so glad for you plus the wages are great! NEW STASH!!

    Mary in TN

  4. I am so very proud of you, my twin! I never had a doubt that you would get the new position, but for a slightly different one with an even better fit to fall in your lap like that is pure kismet. I know that you are going to do exceptionally well and continue to show everyone that you are invaluable. Cheers to you!

  5. Congratulations!! Enjoy your new position and maybe you can use the commuting time onpublic transport for stitching or reading or……..

  6. Congratulations, Anne!!! Sounds like the new position is a great opportunity for you on several levels!

  7. Congratulations Anne, I am so happy for your. I can understand you being excited and scared all at once, I am sure that all will go well.

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