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On cloud 9 … but slowly returning to earth

I just had to post again while I’m on this ridiculous high that I’m currently on!  I’ve just returned home after spending the afternoon at Jeffery Deaver’s book launch/signing … and oh what an exceptional day it’s been!  I can’t tell you just how amazing it was – I signed up for this day on a whim, as I only found out about it on Friday morning and only just barely managed to gain a spot at a table, I think because I was going on my own.  Anyway, I’m so very glad that I did!

I used to do so many things on my own when I was in Auckland, and to some extent in Melbourne – I was always on the go out and about seeing new sights and experiencing new wonders, and really appreciating my surroundings.  The last 12-18 months, however, I’ve been in a bit of an emotional bubble for many reasons that I won’t go into here.  Today, though, it reminded me of the days that I used to hop in the car and go out and do things that were new … and oh my goodness did I love it!  Perhaps it’s been the kick in the pants that I’ve really needed, a reminder that I shouldn’t hold myself back from doing things I enjoy just because other people don’t share the same interests – I actually enjoy my own company, and am finding my self-confidence once again … watch out world, I think she just may be back again!!

Today I dropped my car off at our work car park so I could avoid at least one bus trip, then hopped on a train into the city – on arrival I popped quickly up to the nearest Dymocks bookstore to pick up a new copy of The Bone Collector, and also picked up a copy of Jeffery’s new 007 novel (Carte Blanche) as it was on sale (yippee!).  I then wandered back to the awfully swanky Four Seasons Hotel at Circular Quay and immediately jumped into the queue to have my two books signed by Jeffery.  What a true gentleman he is – he spent quite a lot of time chatting to each person while signing books for us all – I felt like a little schoolgirl at her first concert, and was quite awe-struck to be in such a literary great’s presence!

After the books were signed, I grabbed a glass of champagne and watched the crowds for a few minutes before heading into the ballroom to my table.  I sat next to a lovely older (retired) lady called Pam (I actually may have been a good candidate for the youngest member of the audience in my middle-aged ‘youth’) and we chatted throughout the whole meal.  Lunch was delectable, and the main course consisted of pan-fried barramundi (fish) on a bed of roasted kipfler potatoes with green beans and fresh tomato salsa, followed by dessert of cognac white chocolate log with raspberry coulis, and finished off with freshly brewed coffee and hand-made chocolates, and washed down with a further glass of McWilliams Semillon Sauvignon Blanc … ah bliss, I do love me a good gourmet meal!!  Sadly I hadn’t learnt how to use my iPhone camera yet, and totally screwed up my mains photo … oh well, c’est la vie!

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While dessert was being served Jeffery was introduced then spent the next 50 minutes enthralling us with his wonderful tales on how he writes his books, and the joy of bringing James Bond’s character to life in his latest book.  He really is a very witty presenter, as you would expect from such a literary genius, and we were kept entertained the entire time.  At the end of his speech he returned to the foyer for more book signings, and I decided to purchase one final book and have it signed (greedy little git that I am!), and asked if I could be awfully rude and have a photo taken with him.  He was a real sport and found one of the assistants to help us out, then I crouched down next to him for a quick photo – and that was the final touch to an already exceptional day, with photographic proof of this historic event.


In my teens I used to read the old Mills & Boons romance novels and other such books (mainly because I could read an entire book during a good soaking in the bathtub), but as I matured I very quickly moved away from the ‘girlie’ books and became a fan of such authors as Wilbur Smith (mainly the Courtenay family novels), Stephen King, and the like, before finding a love for Patricia D Cornwell novels … since then I’ve never looked back and often pick up a thriller or forensic book ahead of other genres.  A work colleague and friend loaned me The Bone Collector about 11-12 years ago to try reading, and I was hooked!  The Lincoln Rhyme series of books are second to none in terms of fast pace, wonderful characters, and multiple twists at the end of the book that leave you guessing right up until the last chapter, and often the last pages – if you haven’t tried one yet, and enjoy thrillers, I can certainly recommend this series … mind you, I have some of  his Kathryn Dance novels as audiobooks to try those out too … and of course I now have two standalone (ie non-series) books to read too – “The Edge” and “007 Carte Blanche” 😀

Wow, I think it’s been a long time since I’ve written on here with a feeling of such enthusiasm – let’s hope it remains … even if I’m not stitching 😉

9 thoughts on “On cloud 9 … but slowly returning to earth”

  1. Glad you had such a great time – had a similar experience once with one of astronauts who landed on the moon (big obsession of mine), so I recognize the feeling of elation: isn’t it a wonderful kick? 🙂

  2. Good to hear you are reclaiming your right to be yourself, Anne! I think I’ve read The Bone Collector, but it was a few years ago, and once I’ve read a book, I promptly forget what it was about, as I’m knee deep into the next one! I chuckled over your comment about reading Mills & Boon in the bathtub – I’ve been guilty of that over the years. And dropping a few in the water when I fell asleep…
    Thanks for your comment on my blog about the coffee cozy. I forgot to mention on my blog that it is from Katie Ebben’s book “Fabric Scrapping”.
    You’ve sent me a pressie??? Oh you are a sweetie!! I wonder if it is what I suspect? Not saying another word in case I’m wrong! But thank you in advance; it will be on my blog as soon as it arrives!

  3. What a great enthusiastic post! Glad to hear about the great time you had at the book signing and that you’re feeling so awesome! 🙂

  4. Good on you Anne… It is nice to see you feel like you are becoming your old self again… Jeffrey Deaver wow!!! He doesn’t look like anything I imagined him to be – but I guess who ever does… Peter – new boss is hoping to have some celebrity signings when things become a bit more settled… Hope things continually pick up for you…

    Take care

    Sharon xx – Melbourne

  5. Sounds like you had an awesome day Anne. Good on you for getting out there and doing something you wanted to do. I am tossing up whether to jump in the car tomorrow and drive up to Cambridge to see my son. Something different – but a long way to travel.

  6. Green! I am green with envy! Sounds like such a lovely day. Good for you, getting the picture! Glad you are feeling so jazzed after your adventure.

  7. Anne glad to hear you are so buzzed. Wish I could have joined you at the Deaver signing. Maybe I should pay mire attention to what is going on around me in Sydney 🙂


    1. It’s OK Sophia, I only found out about it by chance on Friday morning for a Monday morning event – just happened to be looking at the right place at the right time, I guess! 🙂

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