My sidebar is fixed!!!!

A HUGE vote of thanks goes to my darling friend Carl who managed to fix up my sidebar issues for me – after not being able to work it out months ago I’d given up on finding a fix (and the support forums were of no help whatsoever) … within minutes of jumping into my template code it was all sorted … Carl ROCKS!!! 😀  Of course that also means now that I want to play again some more and twiddle with a couple more settings, but that’ll have to wait until another day …

Since I last posted I have managed to do absolutely NO stitching once again … my Sunday afternoon housework session got seriously sidetracked when I was putting my newly bought stash purchases (from the recent craft show) away. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t do too much damage to my credit card or wallet (but thanks anyway to my employer for a whole 12 months worth of back-pay, you rock!), but I did buy a few little lovelies to bring home with me.

First of all I did go a little bit nuts over some different ribbons/embellishments:


Then of course there were the few pieces of 36/40ct fabric, some ground walnut shells, bead embellishments, a small jelly roll in scrummy blues and some hand-dyed pearl cotton that was on sale – plus another pair of scissors, because a girl just can never have enough scissors! (and yes, Margaret, they’re green too haha!! – I think green, red and purple have always been my secondary fave colours behind blue, and often have a green jacket or top somewhere in my wardrobe):


And lucky last the charts and quilting book I just couldn’t live without (and which hopefully will not sit in the depths of my stash closet before seeing the light of day again!):


In particular my latest ribbon/embellishment purchases started an organising frenzy for the evening when I opened the wee storage drawers to find the following mess looking at me:


After considering briefly whether to continue my normal housework plans or sitting curled up on my bed to watch Spartacus and ‘play’ … my non-sensible side opted for a few hours of fondling and organising those piles of ribbons and mess into little bundles.  With the help of some cut up strips of photocopy paper and double-sided sellotape, I ended up with a pile looking something like this:


Doesn’t that burst of colour just fill you with joy – I know it certainly did that to me!  Even more so that seeing Spartacus half naked on the TV screen LOL 😀


It now means that all these little bundles fit into one of those plastic drawers, and my pinkeep pins and ribbon reels are back to having drawer space to themselves and no longer have piles of ribbon and embellishments hiding them from view and easy access … I may not have achieved much else this weekend, but it sure feels damn good to get those tidied up once and for all!  Plus stash fondling is almost as good as stitching … in fact, sometimes even more therapeutic than the act of stitching itself 😀

12 thoughts on “My sidebar is fixed!!!!

  1. I love your ribbon collection, it looks so good like that, and of course you can see straight away where the gaps are – you really NEED some yellow ribbons!

    Stash-fondling is great for days of low mojo too.

    • No it’s not just you Joanne – just recently started happening, and I’m not quite sure how to fix it! Tried playing around last night, but still can’t work it out 😦 Need to speak to the help desk me thinks!

  2. Oh well done, Anne! They do look beautiful when they are all lined up in their colours. I just love going through fabrics and cottons and sorting them out into colours. Ken and I were in Bunnings today, and I snuck over to the paints section, just so I could feast my eyes on all the colour samples on the wall. It looks like giant rainbows all over the wall. I wished I could bring one of every colour home but really, what on earth would one do with them…

  3. Wow, that is an amazing array of colors. You seriously need to come and spend some time in my craft room and help me organize all those ribbons and stuff into such pretty packages lol.

    • Would love to Kathy! Playing in someone else’s stash is almost better than playing in your own! 😉

  4. I love all your trim and when my stitching mojo is low…this is what I do as well…organize and “fondle” my trim, threads, fabric and it seems to get me back in the mood to stitch!

  5. Awesome looking ribbons and trims when they are tidy lol. Yes the green scissors are definately awesome – great colour choice.

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