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Works in Progress and an Ornie finish

Not much to say today … I struggled with a migraine all of last week, with two full days spent in bed, so my computer time has been limited last week and I’m way behind with emails etc – hopefully I’ll manage to catch up over Easter 🙂

While I’ve been away from the PC, I’ve also been away from the TV this week, so yesterday was spent curled up in bed catching up on taped programs … then today I’ve been curled up in bed once again but this time watching Seasons 1 and 2 of The Tudors – such hardship 😉

Following are the latest WIP progress piccies of projects that are “on the go” …

A very blurry progress piccie of Merry Xmas by Prairie Moon

Joyeux Noel by The Drawn Thread (I added the snowman and started the border today)

And finally a small victory today compliments of The Tudors – a start and finish in one day, with another ornie hitting the “to be finished into ornies” pile 🙂

Mill Hill-Poinsettia Tiny Treasured Diamond
“Poinsettia – Tiny Treasured Diamond” by Mill Hill
stitched as kitted, with recommended fabric, thread and beads

And of course there’s also some commitment stitching that I can’t show just yet, until it’s been received, so here’s just a little teaser … and on that note it’s time to switch off for the night as it’s going to be a huge week at work this week thanks to skeleton staffing levels and more project deadlines that need to be completed prior to the Easter break.

8 thoughts on “Works in Progress and an Ornie finish”

  1. Beautiful and interesting WIPs and finish! That first one is definitely the most interesting piece I have seen yet in the cross stitch world!!

  2. Sorry you’ve not been well, but I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend.

    Your finish and WIPs look wonderful!

    And aren’t the Tudors great? There are a lot of liberties taken with actual history, but it’s an enjoyable show regardless. I’m hoping that Season 3 might be my birthday present this year from DH, but I don’t know if I’ve dropped direct enough hints….

  3. All your projects look great!!! Sorry you’ve been suffering with migraines…ugh! A day curled up in bed with TV and stitching? Sounds wonderful!!

  4. I hate migraines, the pain itself might go, but the fogginess continues. I hope you are now feeling better. I love the mill hill star, gorgeous. Your wips are looking great.

  5. I’m sorry that you haven’t been well – I’m also sorry that I’m so far behind in my blog reading. I love all your WIPs!

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