Trip for Mill Hill bugle beads

I managed to find the exact bugle beads that I needed from our local Spotlight store (I nearly fainted on the spot when I found them!) … of course I went to two different shops first, thinking I might find them there – no bugle beads came home with me from those, but a couple of other extras jumped into my bag oops …

I picked up three whole beads plus a small packet of Swarovski crystals (that I thought I’d use instead of the MH ones for my Sapphire Star ornie) from my local uber-expensive bead shop.  Then I picked up a couple of trims/ribbon from Pitt Trading (but when I just opened the package noticed that they only gave me 1/2 metre of the pink/red plush one instead of the 1 1/2 metres that I asked for … bugger).  Finally from Spotlight I scored a skein of DMC that I needed thanks to mislaying my current one who knows where, plus some bias binding and some ‘mustard’ coloured fabrics to make a toaster cover for my elderly neighbour … and just a couple of 20cm cuts of different shades of pink fabric to finish off some Valentines ornies/cushions (although I can’t guarantee they’ll be done this year LOL).

I wouldn’t have gone out shopping today if it wasn’t for my good friend Alison texting to say she was in the neighbourhood for lunch – while I missed lunch (thanks to not getting the message until later), I did manage to catch up over a coffee at the local pub … it was a lovely unexpected pleasure for the afternoon catching up with the three generations 😀

12 thoughts on “Trip for Mill Hill bugle beads

  1. You make it sound like I’m 3 generations old! LOL. If anyone cares, for the record, I was with my mother & DD. 🙂

    It was lovely catching up again & looking forward to another catch up in 2 weeks.

  2. Word of warning: I found when I stitched Sapphire Star that the called-for bugle beads were wayyy too long. I used some “regular” bugle beads for mine. If you find yours are too long, I can probably dig up the ones I used and send you some if you’d like!

    • Oh crap … I did think they were pretty huge!! Am thinking, though, that I could always go back and see if they’ll let me exchange them for the next size down, seeing as I haven’t opened them yet! Time to dig the receipt back out of the (thankfully clean) bin! LOL. Thanks so much for the heads up!! Hugs, Anne

  3. Glad you were able to find your bugle beads! The fabrics and trims are all lovely. I’m sure your neighbour will love her toaster cover made from those mustard fabrics!

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