Baby Bug Ball … kinda finished

I was too impatient to wait for some additional light green silk, and managed to complete the final wing with just a half cross stitch – not entirely sure about it that way, I think it will look better with a full cross … but I couldn’t resist stitching it anyway!  Hopefully the replacement silk will be close in shade so I can just complete the remaining half cross … in the meantime, I guess you could say it’s ‘kinda finished’ – and I love it! 😀


Now my fabric has arrived, I guess I’ll be putting Prairie Moon’s Christmas onto Qsnaps as my lounge stitching project so that Katie can watch it grow … which means I’ll be continuing my Crazy January projects in my bedroom until Katie’s gift is finished … starting with Happy Pumpkin Roll by Shepherd’s Bush – I did a few more stitches on this a couple of nights ago, but not enough to really warrant a progress piccie.

Plus I lugged all my finished stitching down to my neighbour’s flat for a show and tell to my elderly neighbours, and ended up getting rid of one piece that I don’t particular love, but in doing so ended up saying I’d sew it into a cushion for her, so that means I now have two separate sewing jobs for Norma (not to mention another job to climb up and take her net curtains down for washing) … I really need to learn how to keep my lips together and my voice mute when I go down there! LOL 😉

22 thoughts on “Baby Bug Ball … kinda finished

  1. Beautiful….unbeleivable how fast you stitched this one. Congrats on your nearly finish. It looks like a real fun piece to stitch.
    It is so nice of you to take care of your neighbours! I am sure they are sooo glad to have you….

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