Final Challenge days

I haven’t managed much stitching at all today as it’s been too stinking hot in the flat – I truly hate Sydney in summer, the humidity kills me, and it’s really not conducive to stitching (especially as we don’t have air-con).  Oh well, even with sweat dripping off the brow, I still managed to put enough stitches into the final three pieces over the last couple of days to qualify as a “start”:

Shepherd’s Bush – Happy Pumpkin roll

Moss Creek Designs – Schwalmwork Pinkeep
(one round of broad chain stitch and one round of coral stitch completed)

Forget-Me-Nots in Stitches – Raphael’s Raspberries
(a handful of queen stitches completed and lots of basting)

As much as I’ve loved starting all the new projects, I’m definitely champing at the bit to go back to some of the earlier starts and spend some more quality time on each piece.  I think the first one to be stitched will be Baby Bug Ball, followed by my canvaswork piece, then Autumn Harvest as that should be a relatively quick finish … plus I have one more Christmas ornie I want to complete by the end of the month.

Then next weekend I’ll be spending some time with the ‘old ducks’ downstairs (my elderly neighbours) – I spent some time today setting up Norma’s old sewing machine for her (it took me a while to work out where the heck the bobbin was hiding the machine is that old), then got suckered into potentially sewing Barbara a quilted toaster cover … I really should learn to keep my mouth shut and not discuss crafts down there haha.

And now it’s time to get back in front of the fan for another 1/2 hour or so watching the end of CSI 🙂

7 thoughts on “Final Challenge days

  1. The humidity is just as bad down here, Anne – I think the wet weather all over eastern Australia has a lot to do with it. I have a friend who does crafty stuff with paper, and she told me this week that her paper stash is starting to smell musty and damp…ugh.
    I truly feel for you with the situation at work…I’ve left several jobs over my working years because of bitchy powerhungry people. But I’m particularly sorry for you because I know how much you did love your work, and how much you have put into the job. It will be a bloody shame if these people manage to force you out by making life difficult for you. HUGS….BTW just because I haven’t mentioned your stitching doesn’t mean to say I haven’t looked and loved!

  2. We’re in the dreary depths of winter here, with no signs of creeping above freezing during the 10 day forecast. I would gladly take some of your heat wave and send you some snow in return, because we definitely have had our share this year 🙂

  3. Humidity is the enemy of pleasurable stitching. I think you got some great new starts in, and I’m looking forward to seeing more Baby Bug Ball!

  4. You have reminded me that I too have Raphael’s Raspberries lurking in my stash! I really need to get organized and see what UFO’s are lurking about!
    Nice starts Anne!

  5. A start is a start no matter how small, lol! The humidity has not been fun has it. Thank goodness for the air conditioner! Feel free to come down here for a visit anytime 🙂

  6. I have just browsed through all your 15 projects and I have to admit that I’m so curious to see them growm. And one of them is already finished, congratulations! Have fun with them all.

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