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January Challenge – Days 11 & 12

I had a huge post underway as a vent about work due to some very hurtful things that were said to me today, but I have decided to leave it sitting in draft and just use it as an unpublished venting platform.  I am, however, in the process of removing pretty much all of my work colleagues from my FB friends list, with one particularly vindictive, childish, manipulative, power-hungry cow being the first one to be removed tonight … um, perhaps I should go back to the venting post, as there obviously appears to be more in here to unleash …

Anyway, after chatting to my flatmate and best mate here about everything for 4 hours, and mulling over how to handle the FB issue, I remembered that I was supposed to be stitching … so at 10.45pm I pulled one whole strand of thread out and put a few stitches into Bent Creek’s Winter Snapperland while K watched the final few overs of the cricket.

Plus I remembered to take a quick piccie of last night’s pitiful progress (although in hindsight nowhere near as pitiful as tonight’s haha).

And on that note I guess I really should hit the hay for the tonight – after I’ve culled a few more work colleagues from FB …

6 thoughts on “January Challenge – Days 11 & 12”

  1. Sorry you had a bad day at work. dont you worry about it. Great starts even it if its one thread its still a start. Where do you buy your beautiful kits or are they charts.

  2. One thread is still better than no threads at all. Sorry you’re having a rubbish time at work, been there and its not a good place to be

  3. Don’t worry, I also have had days where it is one threead only…. think how much fun there is srill left with these 15 new starts!

    Sorry to hear about the nasty work types, hope they all slip on banana skins very soon.

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