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January Challenge – Day 10

Today saw me undertaking a number of housekeeping tasks, including packing away all the Christmas decorations, cleaning half of the bathroom, vacuuming and even a little bit of dusting (shock, horror, I hear Mum utter) – after the vacuuming I decided I’d had enough of the rivers of sweat pouring down my back and opted to sit for the rest of the afternoon in front of the electric fan and watching Criminal Minds on DVD – which also meant plenty of stitching time today for Day 10 of the Crazy January Challenge, and some brown blobs that will eventually look like little teddy bears once a bucket-load of backstitching is added.

I’m absolutely loving doing this challenge, and like a few other people I’ve seen, I could continue all month doing these new starts, it’s very invigorating.  I will, however, need to think of a potential substitute for Prairie Moon’s Christmas chart if my fabric doesn’t arrive over the next couple of days – oh such hardship, having to find another project to start!!  I’m thinking perhaps Jardin Prive’s Eiffel Quaker … or JBW Designs’ Christmas Pudding … or … or … or … well, a number of other projects waiting in the wings to be started really … 😉

After completing two bears, I decided enough was enough of the revolting Lugana I was stitching on, and I picked up my previously started Christmas ornie and finished it.  I stitched this one a few years ago when I didn’t have the recommended Blue Moon by Crescent Colours, and this time I used the correct blue seeing as I now have that thread in my stash (I did, however, still continue to substitute WDW Kudzu with NN Olive Grove).  This completes one ornie for my monthly goal – but I’d still really like to finish one more, which I have kitted up ready to go (along with two more kitted up ready for next month).  I love, love, love this ornie, and the colours are just stunning … this is possibly one of my favourite ornies EVER!  But that’s a no-brainer really, ‘cos it’s BLUE! 😀

“Winter’s Eve” by Country Cottage Needleworks
from 2006 JCS Christmas ornie magazine
stitched on 32ct natural Belfast linen
with mix of DMC, Needle Necessities and Crescent Colours threads

And on that note I’d better hit the hay, ‘cos it’s now 1am and I need to be up and at ’em early tomorrow to make the most of my final day off 🙂

14 thoughts on “January Challenge – Day 10”

  1. I am so impressed! The stitching is fabulous, but I’m more impressed that you cleaned bathrooms AND dusted. Will you come to my house?

    Love your ornie!

  2. Eiffel Quaker is one I am going to do, it may be the least one of my fifteen, I just love that design.

    Also very impressed by the dusting!

  3. Beautiful stitching Anne 🙂 I absolutely adore Winter Night too…I’ve stitched 4 or 5 times, never for me though…I’m going to have to change that 🙂

  4. I love the Christmas ornie! Hope your fabric turns up time time, but having just finished Eiffel Quaker myself I can thoroughly recommend that as a replacement, it was a joy to stitch.

  5. Your winter eve ornie is gorgeous and yes I too am enjoying this challenge and could easily keep going. LOL… starting a new project each day certainly makes it interesting.

  6. I love that ornament! I think I’ve stitched it four times myself!

    Those little teddy bear “blobs” look really cute – I bet they will be adorable when finished!

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