As slow as a wet week …

That’s how my stitching has been going this week … very VERY slowly.  Last weekend I only had a couple of hours stitching left on Scream Girls, and it STILL isn’t finished an entire working week later … pffft!  Oh well, it’s the weekend, and I just cashed in some “time off work” certificates so I could leave an hour earlier than usual, so it’s time for some self-indulgent time spent in the lounge with stitching in one hand, and a glass of sparkling Shiraz in the other, and some not-necessarily-quality TV on the gogglebox 😛

The piece being worked on tonight, though, won’t be Scream Girls just yet, as I’m still working on Bittersweet Season as my lounge stitching project … by the time I finish this pumpkin my threads just may have arrived hahaha 😛  (Sorry about the fuzziness of the photo, in particular with the bottom section … and that’s even BEFORE the sparkling Shiraz!!)

5 thoughts on “As slow as a wet week …

  1. Hello!Thank you for your comment and visit on my blog! 🙂

    Looks great this work! I love the colours!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Anne, I was quickly cruising through the (HUNDREDS) of blog posts in my reader and I hit the brakes because I’ve been thinking about doing Just Nan’s 12 days of Christmas ornaments…and I mistook your scream girls for 5 gold bands….LOL!
    Looking good! Every little thing 🙂

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