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Extreme finishing pile

Today Mum and I got out my entire collection of finished projects that need to be “finish-finished” – a number of these need to be measured up for framing (to be framed by myself), and others need to be ornamentified or made into pinkeeps, quilted wallhangings, etc etc etc. Some fellow friends and bloggers started showing their own finishing piles, and I figured I’d do the same thing … partly for my own record to make me actually make an effort and get some of these finished/framed instead of being rolled up in a project roll where no-one can see them. Sooooo, here’s my pile of shame … settle in ‘cos it’s MAJORLY photo heavy!!! 

Next up I’m going to number each one and make up a proper list and start deciding what to do with each item, so I’ll actually remember in a day’s/week’s time instead of looking at each one absently trying to remember what the hell I was going to make it into … and start tackling some of the list over time.

First up are Christmas ornaments that Mum has stitched for me, but still remain to be finished into pillow/felt-backed ornaments – I’ve told Mum she’s not allowed to leave until she finishes the 12 Days of Christmas ones for me, then I’ll finish off the remaining ones:

Finishing pile 9

***UPDATED:  In answer to questions received, Mum tells me the 12 Days of Christmas designs came from a magazine which might now be very hard to find – Better Homes & Gardens Cross Stitch Christmas 2002.***

Then there are the two snowflakes ornies that Mum also stitched for me – they have the finishing forms already set aside for them, and I’ve bought some white flannel fabric for padding, so these should be quick to complete once I pull my finger out!!:

Finishing pile 13

Then there’s the pile of Christmas ornaments that I’ve stitched but still not finished off:

Finishing pile 15

And yet more that I’ve pretty much finished except for adding the cording around the edges (we’re going to have a cording day tomorrow, because Mum wants me to make some for her ornies to take home, so perhaps these will shortly be moving out of the finishing pile … maybe …):

Finishing pile 14

Then there is the quilted wallhanging that I started making before my sewing machine broke down the last time … and here is the state it’s remained in ever since … these Santas were stitched by Mum, but once again I get the job of finishing them (a pretty good trade, I think, and a good team effort):

Finishing pile 1

Then there is the Quaker Round Robin – I haven’t been 100% happy with my fabric choice compliments of the crappy selection at Spotlight, so I’ve been waiting to make a trip out to Craft Depot at Pennant Hills before making a start on the finishing of this one:

Finishing pile 10

Then there are the general mix of projects – with different finishing methods assigned to each – and some I have absolutely no idea what to do with them! I guess in good time I’ll make a decision and turn each one into ‘something’:

Finishing pile 12

Finishing pile 2

Finishing pile 3

Finishing pile 4

Finishing pile 5

Finishing pile 6

Finishing pile 7

Plus of course I still have Chatelaine’s Stitching Leporello which needs to be finished off – so far I’ve cut out the four backing boards for the large squares, and that’s as far as I’ve managed, but I still need to find some lining fabric for the inside, so I guess there’s no hurry on this one yet:

Finishing pile 8

And perhaps a quick cord-making day might also see the end to this little treasure too – all it needs is some cord making/adding to the edges plus the needlepages added …

Finishing pile 11

So, doesn’t this make you feel better about YOUR finishing piles?? And I didn’t even include the latest influx of pumpkin finishes … oh boy, I really need to get cracking on these things – perhaps I need to have a dedicated finishing weekend at least once a month, or just give up stitching for a while and concentrate on finishing … either that or clone myself so I can do both! 😀

One great thing is that I found a wonderful picture framing supplier at Silverdale Silverwater who has some awesome ready-made frames plus they do a chop service for my custom-framing to do myself, plus good quality matboards etc – in the past I’ve ordered my supplies by mail order, and it’s hard to match colours etc obviously … this will make it soooo much easier, I just have to measure up and decide on approximate colours of matboards using my current L-cut samples, then save up to pay for the actual frames – easy!! 😛

31 thoughts on “Extreme finishing pile”

  1. Wow! i do feel better about my finish pile. lol I do think it is wonderful that your Mom is helping you and well as enabling you too1 hehe. Looking forward to all the wonderful finishes.

  2. Thanks so very very much for showing us all your lovely work! What a treasure box you have there!

  3. Wow, Ann what a gorgeous collection of stitched pieces. They are all so very beautiful. I know the finishing is overwhelming but you need to have this gorgeous pieces see the light of day and be where you can admire them in the open. Good luck with them.

  4. WOW you got alot of great pieces there.
    Cannot wait to see them finished.

    I absolutely love that frog. Can you tell me more about that pattern?

    Thank you.

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding Dawn. The frog design is by Stitcheree Designs, which I don’t think are in business anymore. It’s actually one I want to re-stitch over-one on a small count – love the design, but hate my version of it! It was stitched on 14ct Aida and was one of the first pieces I stitched … absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with my old one! Hugs, Anne

  5. Wow–that is impressive. And I thought I had a lot to finish, but my stitched projects is nowhere close to what you have accomplished! Lovely work and have fun finishing them!

  6. What a treasure trove you have there Anne!! Just think of all the ‘new’ things you will have around your home for Christmas!! Go Mum!!!

  7. I don’t have a finishing pile…but I sure wish I did because yours is fabulous!!! Anne you’ve got some gorgeous, gorgeous things to finish finish and you need to get to it. I’m jealous of all the pretties you’re going to have!

  8. Hi Anne, I bet that was alot of fun organising and sorting through all your finishes! They are all fab! Please say hi to your lovely Mum for me. Enjoy your “finishing” sessions 🙂 hugs, Katrina

  9. This is the most amazing collection of work. I love all the projects you have stitched, it will be incredible when they are all ‘finished-finished’ but also a lot of work.

  10. Forget about unfinished-finishes I’m shocked at the sheer number of finishes! What a stunning collection!
    And yes, I feel much better about my meager unfinished-finishes.

  11. My oh my! I love the pictures galore. Everything looks wonderful! Best of luck with the finishing. This is kinda early yet but I look forward to seeing your Christmas tree with all those ornaments hanging on it 🙂

  12. Anne, I love all of your unfinished stitchings. How wonderful for you to have your Mom there to help you finish up some of them. I agree with you on once a month, or so, just having fun with finishing projects! Enjoy yourself, and hope to see some of them in the near future!! 🙂

  13. Anne, please could you mention next time you blog, who the designer of the 12 days of Christmas is. Thanks, Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra, Mum managed to track down the magazine that the 12 Days of Christmas were in, but it may be really hard to find: Better Homes & Gardens Cross Stitch Christmas 2002. I’ve checked on Ebay already, and there doesn’t appear to be a copy available at the moment.

  14. Love it Anne! now I don’t feel so bad as I think my pile probably equals yours, lol!! Will give you a ring, maybe we can catch up while your Mum is here??

  15. OMG…I thought I had a big finishing pile. It’s nothing compared to yours. Nothing.

    If you wanna meet up @ Craft Depot, let me know. I’d be happy to nip up there to meet. Oh & you’d better spill the beans re the framing guy at Silverdale. If I could get some decent ready made frames, I’d be tempted to try my hand at framing some of my stuff. 🙂

  16. Wow. Just…WOW. Congrats on so many finishes, but good luck with getting them all finished off!!!

  17. Wow! and I thought I had a lot of unfinished finishes!! They don’t compare to yours though! You have some really gorgeous stitching here. I wish you lots of luck with the finishing!

  18. OMG – that is an amazing amount of stitching. Very nice.
    In the first picture on this post, who is the designer of the 12 days of christmas. That is one I would like to do.

    1. Hi Clare, Mum managed to track down the magazine that the 12 Days of Christmas were in, but it may be really hard to find: Better Homes & Gardens Cross Stitch Christmas 2002. I’ve checked on Ebay already, and there doesn’t appear to be a copy available at the moment.

  19. I remember some of those items from when Sharon and I visited you while you were still living down here. You’ve added a few since then! Turning individual smalls into ornies would be nice, but where would you put them all? I have a suggestion which may not suit, but it is what I’m going to do with a bundle of items that I don’t want to frame. I want to put them all on to one large piece of fabric which would end up being a quilt or a wall hanging. It means sewing them on to blocks, then making the blocks up into the whole thing, then backing and binding it. You may even want to commission an expert patchworker or quilter to do it, but the end result is that all your work is on permanent display in one spot.

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