Egyptian Garden Mandala

The only stitching done this weekend was on EGM – I spent a reasonable amount of time on this one on Saturday, then had a break while I polished off book 4 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (Butch) … then managed a few more hours last night while Katie and I watched a few more episodes of Dark Angel.  TV viewing has been appalling just lately, with many of our favourite shows now off the air, so we’ve been working our way through our TV shows on DVD instead.  Initially we dedicated Friday night each week as our TV DVD night (and what felt like never-ending weeks of Dawson’s Creek initially) – but lately we’d rather watch our DVDs than anything on actual TV.

Tonight was no exception, and I managed to put another couple of hours into Egyptian Garden Mandala (“EGM”), bringing the latest stitching effort to look like this:

EGM 12Jul10

I can honestly and truthfully say that this is a true “labour” to stitch … not a labour of love, just a “labour”.  I truly detest the fabric I’m stitching this one on … I will never ever in all my days choose an opalescent fabric to stitch on again – and don’t get me started on trying to stitch little over-one fishes in metallic thread in the centre of this piece, ‘cos I’m seriously VERY close to ripping the whole lot out, filling in the centre with normal cross stitches, and stitching on some mother of pearl fish buttons or something similar!  I keep getting tempted to scrap the whole thing and start over again on a new piece of normal Belfast linen, but the fact is I’ve come so far with the stitching now, I don’t know if I’d ever bother picking it up again … so I continue to force myself to stitch, and hope like hell each time that I’m getting closer to the edge of the next section, as each section that gets completed takes me one step closer to ending this stitching journey (which will, alas, be quite some months in the future I fear!). 

No sign yet of my back-ordered threads arriving at the overseas store, much less leaving the US, so this one will continue for a while longer yet (even though I have to strain to see over the top of it a bit in my stitching chair) … unless the urge to throw it out the window grows so loud that I’m starting to take notice …

I guess the good news is that it’ll be like motherhood when it’s finished … all the pain of the actual childbirth will be forgotten, and the beautiful creation that remains completed at the end will wipe all the memories of pain and suffering away … and it’ll all be worth it in the end … especially once it gets is sparkly beads stitched on.  In fact, I tried adding some more of the shitty over-one fishies over the weekend, ‘cos once they’re stitched up I’m going to start adding the back-stitching and beads as I go … and I think once they start getting added it’ll add a bit more ‘spring to my needle’ 🙂

11 thoughts on “Egyptian Garden Mandala

  1. Ah hun boy do I hear ya *hugs* its one of the many reasons I’ve resisted getting a Chatealine mandala. That being said I ordered Mini Mandala I and supplies this weekend, figured it was small so manageable? XD
    I WON’T be stitching it on opalescent fabric!

    I’ve got my pom poms out cheering you on! Now, need to go package up the StitchNZ exchange and mail it off.

  2. I’m sorry that you don’t like the opalescent fabric as I love mine that I am using for Hawaiian Mandala. But that said I really don’t think Chatelaine is a stitcher. She just makes pretty patterns on her computer. I know I am going to make some changes in her design as motifs don’t look too bad upside down, but having a shore line at a 90 degree angle and a jungle upside down is JUST WRONG.

    • I agree with you Kathryn! I think if Martina stitched the pieces herself then she would choose differently. A few places I can barely see the differences between two threads, and a couple of the threads (silks) are hardly used – I have another couple of Mandalas waiting in the wings, and I think next time I will be better prepared! I do think the end result is worth it though 🙂

  3. It looks absolutely beautiful, but I don’t think it’s something I’d try myself. I can’t imagine stitching over one with metallic thread! Wishing you all the best with this one! It certainly sounds like a challenge.

  4. I hear you Anne! Having just beaded a complete flower on my chatelaine watergarden I’ve decided persistance is what is required with these pieces! I’m not looking forward to beading the other 3 flowers but will as there’s now way I’m pulling out what I have done! Your EG looks great though and I am glad I just chose a regular linen for mine!

  5. I agree, the large Chatelaines need lots of patience and persistence. They are spectacular at the end, but not relaxing to stitch. I keep finding excuses (other projects) to neglect mine, lol.

  6. Hey there girl! I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t enjoying working on this one. The fabric is very lovely, though. And I’m sure the end result will be well worth the effort. Discipline, unfortunately, is something I am severely lacking right now. 😉 BTW, have you checked your PO Box recently? I sent a little surprise a couple of weeks ago and was thinking it should be there by now.


    • Sorry honey bun, haven’t been to the PO Box for well over a week (I was off work sick pretty much all of last week, then keep running out of time to head out there this week) – will try to head out there today if I can 🙂 xx

  7. I can hear you on your mandala. I also have one that I started many years ago and it has become my only real UFO. Martina’s mandalas look terrific but stitching them is a pain for me. That’s why I have never bought a second one. Yours looks so great.
    I hope you feel much better by now and your sinus infection has completely gone.

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