Quaker Huswif update

I’ve been sick all weekend, so my usual stitching time didn’t happen over the weekend, but I did manage to get a bit done last night while watching DVDs (Hostage with Bruce Willis, great movie) – after going to the GP today I’ve been given another 2 days at home while my infected sinuses and fluid-blocked ears are recovering, so today I’ve been making the most of it and putting my needle to fabric.  This is how it looked last night before I rolled up the scrollbars (love, love, love this project, and the photo in no way does it justice!):

Quaker Huswif 6Jul10

Then, this is how it looked at lunchtime today after a few hours decent stitching time:

Quaker Huswif 7Jul10 before

And this is how it looks now after I unpicked all this morning’s stitching thanks to having a blonde moment and starting the entire section in the wrong place … ho-hum …

Quaker Huswif 7Jul10 after

Now it’s a case of putting all those stitches back in again – I was originally hoping that I could finish off this entire block by tonight, but having to restitch everything again is putting that a little bit in jeopardy … oh well, tomorrow is another day … 🙂

And hopefully tomorrow there will be none of these … ‘cos I’ve done enough frogging for the week!

4 thoughts on “Quaker Huswif update

  1. Cute frog! I’m sorry that they have been visiting your stitching, though.

    I’m sorry, too, that you’ve been sick. {{{hugs}}} get well soon.

    Nice progress on your Quaker piece!

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