Oops … I forgot …

I’ve had a couple of questions about my old UFO in my recent post, wondering what the project is.  This is what it will grow up to become (apologies for the piccie, I just ‘stole’ it from an overseas Ebay site, ‘cos I can’t be bothered finding my original copy and scanning it!):

This is “Le Jardin Silk Sampler” from really old issues of JCS magazine (it was originally printed in two parts) – the designer is Sandy Orton.

As you can see, I’m a looooong way from a finish on this one – from memory I completed one 10-hour rotation on it, then my rotation went out the window when I packed everything up to go into storage, and I haven’t picked it up since (not to mention I’m absolutely detesting one of the Kreinik silks, which also put me off stitching it).  Time to “suck it up, Princess” and get on with making some headway with it … it’s got plenty of specialty stitches thrown in with the XS to give some challenges along the way (not to mention that grotty revolting silk thread which provides a challenge on by itself!).

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  1. I hate that when you find something in the pattern or the thread that just throws you right off from stitching. It is a beautiful piece though and I do look forward to seeing more of it. Good luck with the silk!

  2. Anne I have really enjoyed reading your blog and you have been so very productive! Beautiful finishes – all of them! Love it! Thanks for sharing! x

    • Thank you for leaving a comment in relation to my silk thread. The silk itself is the Kreinik Silk Serica on the spools. I’m just not used to having non-twisted silk to stitch with. While it looks fine in the project stitched up, it’s just not a wholly enjoyable experience doing the stitching. Unfortunately there are 6 colours, who of which need 2 spools, so I just need to suck it up and get it over with, I think! Once again, thanks for the comment – it’s appreciated 🙂 Kind regards, Anne

      • Ah yes, Serica takes more time – it’s beautiful, but little things like moisturizing your hands before you stitch, use a needle with a slightly larger eye, stitch with 15 inche lengths – all of that helps. It’s a filament silk so it has a bright sheen. I have seen this model in person and it is really stunning in silk. Keep going!

  3. Anne, I’ve had the magazines for years and absolutely love this sampler, but it looks so challenging. I’ll be thrilled to watch yours growing – and I hear you on the Serica: I used it once (just 2 colours fortunately) and it kept snagging whenever I got close to it. Could have done with KreinikGirl’s tips at the time, lol.

  4. Hi, Anne!

    That’s a beautiful sampler and I can’t wait to see your picutres!

    Hopefully, you remember me, SingularStitches (Lynn). I’ve dusted off my Bloglines subscriptions and it was so nice to stop by so many old friends’ blogs. I’m also dusting off my blog, too!

    Take care!

  5. I was sorting out (not “cleaning” out – that might involve disposing of some!) my lifetime collection of cross stitch patterns and came across the second half of le Jardin Silk Sampler from 1993. How beautiful. I jumped on the internet and immediately found your site. Could you send me the first half of the pattern? I would appreciate it very much. I will accept the challenge of working with the silk thread for the first time. Thanks, Jackie Barth

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