Photo Hunt & Halloween Fairy WIP

I flew down to Melbourne with work on Wednesday, which meant a 4.30am wake-up call and being on the road at 5.00am … getting home a 7.30pm … yikes.  Being absolutely shattered, and on the first day of my ‘cycle’, I thought it would be best for all concerned at work if I took yesterday off as an RDO as my mood would be FAR from perky yesterday morning 😛

Anyway, on Thursday I came home from work and was in bed by 6.30pm as Katie flew home that night … and I curled up with book 2 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series (Lover Eternal – Rhage’s story).  I didn’t put the book down again until I’d consumed the very last sentence – I’m now starting book 3 (Lover Awakened – Zsadist’s story), which I’ve been told is possibly the best book of the series to date. 

I’ve tried to ignore the new book calling to me, though, and yesterday spent the entire day in my PJs sat in my stitching chair watching DVDs (Hart’s War with Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell, and disc 3 of season one of The Unit) and clearing the DVR of TV shows that Katie doesn’t watch.  That meant a relatively big chunk of stitching time on Halloween Fairy – I’m almost at the point where I can’t stitch anymore until my two missing metallic threads turn up (they’re on back order), and I need to run to Spotlight to pick up one pack of Mill Hill beads that I apparently don’t have in my stash.  Here is the updated piccie in the meantime – I probably won’t take another piccie until I receive my threads and beads and manage to finish her off.  Oops, just noticed the photo isn’t quite in focus … I took it in the not-too-well-lit lounge with no lights on  … ah well, you can kind of see the fabric better this way, though – it’s being stitched on 28ct Desert Sky hand-dyed linen by Silkweaver.  I was originally a bit worried it would be a bit pale for the stitching, but actually I really like it!

Mirabilia-Halloween Fairy 25Jun10

Today I’ve been relatively busy after having a lazy day yesterday – the morning has been spent attacking the bathroom tiles with Exit Mould and scrubbing the grouting with a toothbrush.  Then I popped a load of washing into the machine before heading across the road to grab a bit of grocery shopping so I can bake some muffins – and picked up a large skim cappuccino as an afternoon treat.  Now I’m awaiting the next load of laundry to finish it’s cycle so I can throw the final one in for the night.  Then I’m thinking of dragging an old UFO out of the ‘bin’ to work on in the lounge while I’m waiting for my Halloween Fairy supplies to turn up … I woke up thinking about this piece, so perhaps it’s only right that I finish it off.

Le Jardin Silk Sampler 21Jan05

Then I need to kit up my final two PIFs, along with two exchanges that need to be stitched over the next couple of weeks – that could keep me out of trouble for a while!  Plus I have a couple of picture frames that I still haven’t put together, although I may save those until next weekend.

I’ll finish off my saga for the day by doing this week’s Photo Hunt …

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This week’s theme is ”Purple” – and this week I’ve chosen a spot of purple from Robyn Drayton’s winery in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

Robyn Drayton

9 thoughts on “Photo Hunt & Halloween Fairy WIP

  1. Ewww 4:30am wake-up call!! I have to get up at 5:30am for my day shifts and it is absolutely brutal. I don’t think I could get up an hour earlier.

    And such a busy morning! Scrubbing grout with a toothbrush is exhausting just to think about.

    You gotta love those all day stitching and movie days. They do wonders for the mind. There is certainly a lot of progress on Halloween Fairy and it is turning out so cute! What is the name of the WIP? It’s really pretty too.

    You’re photo is making me hungry… time for breakfast I guess. Have a good day Anne!

  2. Sometimes you just gotta have a movie/stitching day! Sounds like you’ve really made up for it with your scrubbing and washing and baking 🙂

    That last pic looks delish!

  3. Oh, what beautiful work you are doing. Looking so good!
    Isn’t the BDB exciting. I got nothing done while I was reading the series.

  4. I get up every day (by choice) sometime between 5 and 5.30am. It’s a great time to take the dogs for a walk. I love your Halloween Fairy.

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