A very productive start to the weekend

During the week I managed a little more stitching on Lizzie*Kate’s Boo Club – I’m definitely much happier with the project with the border on it.  I’ve now halted progression as I can’t find (so what’s new these days???) the little while buttons I bought weeks ago for it.  As soon as I find the little buttons I’ll pick it up again.  I’m being difficult to myself and wanting to finish-finish each section as I roll it up the scrollbars … yes, I can be quirky and pedantic when I have my heart set on something!  So this has been deleted to the corner basket while I continue my search for the little white buttons 😉

LizzieKate-Boo Club 22Apr10

This weekend is a long weekend for us in Sydney (and most of Australia) – and with Katie gone all weekend, I’ve had my heart set on doing some finishing this weekend while I’m free to make as much mess as I want and be able to concentrate on what I’m doing, and so far those plans have come to fruition. 

On Friday night I managed to finally finish 10 Christmas ornies that Mum had stitched for me – these have been in various states of finishing for the last few weeks, and it’s really lovely to see them finally finished 😀

PS Santas 1

PS Santas 2

PS Santas 3

Xmas ornies 1 Xmas ornies 2

I also managed to finally finish-finish my Blueberries by LHN into a pinkeep – this has actually been finished for a couple of months now, but I was never happy with the trim I used – finally I decided to rip it apart and used a plain ribbon that matched the thread colours instead … while it’s a lot plainer than the fancy trim I originally used, I’m much happier with it now 🙂

LHN-Blueberries pinkeep

Yesterday pretty much my entire day was spent doing this …

… doing hemstitching on 4 x Shepherd’s Bush needlerolls (and the rest of the finishing). I really hate doing hemstitching because my left hand cramps up when I’m holding onto the fabric – I enjoy doing the stitching itself, though, as you get into quite a good rhythm once you’ve done the first few stitches … I just hate having to hold it in hand and having to de-cramp my hand every 10 stitches!  Anyway, at least I have another 4 items out of the finishing box. I’ll add the photos to a separate post as this one is quite picture-heavy already!

8 thoughts on “A very productive start to the weekend

  1. My oh my! All those ornaments are fabulous!!! You mum did a lovely job stitching them and you did an excellent finishing job!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. All the finishing is really impressive………..your mother is unstoppable with the Christmas ornaments, isn’t she?

    Why did my work send me to the only state in Australia that doesn’t have a holiday tomorrow? I’m envious.

  3. Just looking back at what you said about those gorgeous Xmas ornies; your Mum stitched them for you, and you finished them? So who is going to keep them? Or will you divide them up between the pair of you? They would look great all in a row somewhere prominent in your lounge room at Christmas time!

  4. Finishing can be such a bear can’t it? You have done some wonderful things here. At Christmas I stitched and made mini ornaments of 16, yes 16 PS Nutcrackers for my sons. I stitched them and turned them right side out. Didn’t like the way they looked so I turned them around again and clipped the seam allowances and turned them once more. Stuffed them and sewed the holes closed. Small things seem to take forever. Wonderful job on great stitched pieces.

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