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I have always kept my various interests in this one blog, as I feel that these varied interests packaged together make up the person that I am – and it made sense to me to have “all that I am” here in the one blog.  I am starting to wonder, however, whether I should start thinking differently and having this blog dedicated to my stitching, with a separate blog for my photo memes.  Every now and then I get the urge to get back into my photography and go back out in the real world to start taking photos again regularly, so perhaps it would make sense to keep those photos separately?

In the meantime, I have started to create a new blog purely for my weekly photo memes, and I’ve copied a few posts over into it just until I decide whether I should continue down that track or not … I’d really appreciate your feedback as the ‘readers’ of this here rambling little blog, whether I should split the interests up or not …  If you could help me with this little poll I’d appreciate it 🙂

Personally I’m on the fence with this decision – I hate going to different blogs to see ‘different parts of the whole’, but then again it can get quite boring scrolling through pages and pages of stuff you’re not interested in, in order to find the things that are of interest … ah decisions, decisions …

4 thoughts on “New Poll for this blog

  1. I think the photos you post are inspirational! There are some that you’ve posted – like the blue butterflies or the spotted butterflies – that I’d love to try stitching.

  2. Although I don’t regularly comment on your memes, I do enjoy looking at the pictures, and if you had a separate blog for them, I may not look at them as often (I have trouble keeping up with the blogs in my reading list already!) – I know my own blog is a mix of my stitching and my home decorating; since it is primarily a stitching blog, I tend to have more stitching posts, but there are times when I’m busy at work that I don’t get an opportunity to do any stitching for a while, and it’s nice to know there are other subjects that I can blog about, too.

  3. Anne, I think you should do whatever makes sense to you! As a reader, photo memes are gone thru quickly, and are often quite interesting. Most of us live integrated lives and I like to see that reflected in the blogs. 🙂

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