Current state of WIPs

Alas, my wee Lumix is still in hiding – so yet again you are stuck with crappy scans of my current WIPs.  The GREAT news is that my elusive back-ordered Rainbow Gallery thread arrived on Friday, so the last two nights have been spent doing the first part of the fill-in stitches on Sapphire Star.  Here’s the latest scan of where it’s up to … I’m now in the process of doing little upright cross stitches in the centres of the ‘main’ part of the design – once that is done it’s time to re-do the centre long stitches, followed by the final parts, which is all long-stitch.  Every time I pick this project up the colours blow me away and I savour every minute spent on it – I think this one will be finished by the end of this weekend, if not this week!  😀

Friday nights are “Dawsons Creek” nights in our little flat – we have finally finished season 5 (which I’ve probably enjoyed more than the others to date), and this Friday I get to drool over a younger version of Jensen Ackles for the final season of Dawsons.  Then I can give myself a HUGE clap on the back and a resounding cheer of “Well Done, Lass” … that I managed to survive the whole series – and once I’ve finished drooling over Jensen (I just have shut out the fact that he will look about 12, and concentrate on that dreamy voice of his – another great thing about stitching!), it means we can finally move on to a different TV series for Friday nights.  It seems our next choice is either going to be series one of Fringe (my choice) or Dark Angel (which I’ve never seen before) – or the entire series of Buffy … or perhaps all three in that order!  I guess that ties up Friday nights at our place for the rest of the year! LOL.

Anyway, back to stitching … next up is a little freebie I started at the start of last week, but I can’t find three whole DMC colours, and therefore can’t go any further until I find them!  Perhaps they’re off having a little soiree somewhere with my Lumix camera – hopefully they’ll take photos of their little antics hmmm.  Anyway, I guess this one is now on hold until I can make a run out to Spotlight to pick up some more DMC – so much for being a quick stitch to whip up in a day! 😛  (I’ll add all the chart details etc once it’s finished.)

Lucky last is a piece that I started working on on Sunday afternoon.  I decided to take up a Ghost Trappers challenge (one of the two Facebook games that I’m stupidly addicted to), which pretty much meant being chained to my PC for the entire weekend … or at least all of Sunday anyway.  I ended up setting up my little lapstand on my computer desk, so I could click my mouse every 4 or so minutes … yes, demented, I know … but I enjoyed having some “me” time in my room and enjoyed killing three birds with one stone – stitching, playing games, and reading an audiobook!  Pretty much summed up in one word … “Heaven” 😀

Anyway, here’s the WIP from my Sunday stitching session (Lizzie*Kate’s Hocus Pocus) – this may not get touched now until Sapphire Star is finished, or it’ll remain my ‘bedroom stitching’ project until I can pick up my missing DMC skeins for the acorn freebie.  Either way, it’ll probably just take one more day or two nights’ stitching and it’ll be finished.

Reading-wise, one book I managed to finish last weekend was The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini – I don’t know of a single person who hasn’t raved about this book after reading it, and I have to admit I really really enjoyed it.  I even shed a tear or two in a couple of places, and very glad I took the time to read it.  Savage and raw in places, touching and tender in others – this was a really enjoyable read!

Next up I started and finished reading Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell.  I’ve read all the Kay Scarpetta novels over the years, and enjoyed every single one of them, and this one was no exception.  I have to say, though, I was glad that I’d read the previous book first, as Scarpetta referred often to an incident or two in the previous book – while you could have still followed the storyline easily, it was much better knowing the full background to the situation being discussed.  The only books I’ve ever disliked of Ms Cornwell’s were Hornet’s Nest and Southern Cross, the Andy Brazil series – I disliked them so much I didn’t even bother getting the 3rd book in the series, Isle of Dogs, and it took me a while to get back into buying her books again.  Thankfully Kay Scarpetta et al continue to provide me with good reading fodder with her forensics expertise and thrilling crime writing!  Way to go, Ms Cornwell, you kept me hooked for another 13 1/4 hours! 😀

As for the next book, I decided to try a different style of writing, with a shorter story, and clicked the play button on Ruddy Gore by Kerry Greenwood.  Set in the 1920’s the awfully English accents and dandy characters are quite fun and are easily wiling away a few hours.  This one has been very easy listening, and I’m only 1 1/2 hours away from the book’s ending.  I have to say for stitchers audiobooks are yet another of life’s great inventions … while it takes a while to get ‘into the mood’ of an audiobook, once you are ‘in the right mind space’, it’s a wonderful way to combine two loves – a love of stitching and of reading 🙂

And I guess on that note I really should get into bed – as much as I love audiobooks when I’m stitching, my actual preference is to hold a physical book and devour its pages one by one … these days, though, my stitching has been taking a priority while I’m in the mood, and physical books have been well and truly lowest on the list.  I’ve decided it’s about time I got further than the first chapter of J.R. Ward’s first book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and I’m going to put my stitching down 1/2 an hour early each evening and read a few pages before bedtime … sounds like a reasonable plan, except I know that once I get my teeth into a good book I get into true reading mode and end up propping my eyelids open with matchsticks while glancing at the clock in the wee small hours of the morning and thinking “just one more chapter …” 😉

Which is a good point … perhaps I should just switch the light off and go to actual sleep before midnight … that’d be an interesting change 😀

10 thoughts on “Current state of WIPs

  1. Ha ha, oh Anne, you are a hoot! Missing threads having a little soiree with missing camera – LOL! Your Sapphire Star is looking utterly fabulous…words fail me.
    I don’t know how you get so much done – watching t.v., stitching, reading (OK, listening instead sometimes), AND going to work! You won’t know yourself when you retire 😉
    I don’t know how I found time to work. Well yes I do – I didn’t stitch or read! Now, it’s a great life. But I can still be found here on the computer well after midnight. Or reading. Or stitching.

  2. Love your Sapphire Star – those colours are indeed gorgeous! And it sounds as if you had a good weekend TV watching, listening, stitching and clicking 🙂 Perfect! For TV – Dark Angel is good – at least I enjoyed it when it was on! I can’t get into Fringe – given up. But Buffy is of course a classic… (Have you watched Angel?) We’re working our way through Battlestar Galactica, which I missed cos we were in NZ. It’s excellent. And on the reading front I’ve just finished a Kerry Greenwood/Phryne Fisher too – Urn Burial – love her books! 🙂

  3. Great progress pictures, Anne!

    I’m a huge Scarpetta fan, too! After I read all Cornwell’s books, I turned to the Sue Grafton books, and I’m loving that series, too.

  4. Your Sapphire Star is absolutely gorgeous, and it will be a huge treat to see it finished. I like your CEC acorn too, hope you find those threads.

  5. Beautiful progress on your WIPs! I have a Lumix, too. Mine is small–great for throwing into my purse, because you never know when you’re going to have a blog worthy picture opportunity–but awful when it’s out of the purse, because then I can’t find the flipping thing! I hope you find yours soon.

    I like the Scarpetta books but haven’t read one in awhile. I don’t know what turned me off of them. I need to read the Black Daggerhood series; it seems like everybody who’s read them absolutely LOVES them. Right now I’m listening to Wendy Webb’s “The Tale of Halcyon Crane” and am LOVING it.

  6. Sapphire Star is looking amazing. Your post reminds me that I need to get myself some good books and start reading again. I haven’t since my daughter was born and that was 18 months ago, shame on me!

  7. Wow, Sapphire Star will soon be done. And also your smaller WIPs are looking very nice.
    The Kite Runner is one of the best books I’ve read in the last years.

  8. Sapphire Star is looking amazing, I adore the colors. I too have recently read The Kite Runner, such an amazing story. I cried as well.

  9. Kite Runner is magnificent – I read another of his, A Thousand Splendid Suns, but it lacked the hopefulness or something that Kite Runner had and left me feeling very shaken.

  10. A stitching friend alerted me to your blog and so I must say: “Congrats on perservering on your SAPPHIRE STAR piece! You’re almost DONE!”
    (I’m sorry you had such a rough start and had to rip out at the beginning -yucko- but aren’t you glad you kept at it?!?) I’m also glad to read that you’re enjoying the stitches and the threads — aren’t variegated threads fun to stitch with? I’m totally addicted (as you might guess from seeing all my designs – grin)…Take care and happy Sapphire Star Stitching!!! LAURA

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