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Beyond XS

I got halfway through this post when my PC screen fizzed and died completely … so I may be offline for a wee while until I can afford to buy a new screen. Unfortunately my laptop is totally temperamental and keeps shutting itself down (I think the hard drive is on its last legs), so I don’t know how stable it will be over the coming hours, never mind the coming weeks. Alas I’m down to the last $20 in my wallet after spending more than expected recently, so not sure how quickly I’ll get the money together (my recent stash splurges cleaned me out hmmm).

Anyway, I’d better quickly get this post finished before my laptop dies again … here is my latest finish, hot off the Qsnaps today – once again I’ve opted for a scan instead of a photo, as it’s quite dark in here. If I remember, I’ll take some ‘real’ photos later 🙂

Victoria Sampler-Beyond Cross Stitch 3-1
“Beyond XS #3-1 – Whipped Spider Web Rose” by The Victoria Sampler
stitched on 25ct white Lugana with kit threads and charm

I’m not sure what I’ll pick up to work on next – I think I’ll try to continue having a small project or two on the go for when I’m stitching in my room, and perhaps leave my Mirabilia’s and Chatelaine’s for stitching in the lounge.

Now it’s time to jump on a website or two to price up screens so I know what I’m looking at pricewise (while my laptop is still working) – then I’ll be stash diving for a new project 🙂

Updated:  Well, it appears that this morning my screen is working fine – I unplugged all the wires and put them all back in again, and it’s started up straightaway.  Different to my laptop, which died in the middle of “publishing” my blog entry last night, so I couldn’t have priced up screens if I’d tried!!  Fingers crossed this will keep working for a while yet – but in the meantime I’m going to print off my contacts list etc in case it does go out of action again!

10 thoughts on “Beyond XS”

  1. Sorry to read about your computer woes – I hope you get them solved soon. Congrats on finishing the heart, it’s really pretty, and what perfect stitches.

  2. Very attractive. Sometimes these Victoria Sampler pieces work up quickly and you have an “instant” result. Those roses are lovely. Maria S.

  3. A wonderful heart. And a great needlerool (your last post) Congratulations on two very nice finishes. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

  4. Very pretty heart…like the roses. Can’t believe you get such a great photo with the scan. Good luck on your computer problems. They are wonderful when they work!

  5. Hope you monitor is ok, could have been a loose connection, so replugging everything has probably fixed the problem.

    I love this finish!

  6. I learned the whipped rose from Thea herself in Savannah in February. She had us keep going until you literally could not fit any more wraps and then go a little more. LOL. The effect is quite stunning!

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